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Decades have gone by and in that time culture and visual entertainment media has change tremendously. The interrelationship between culture and visual entertainment media has had an impact on both film and television. Television and film have more violence and more inappropriate words but also captures examples of everyday concerns and provides positive feedback. Since the 1950s the primary source of entertainment has been television ,and has developed an impact on books. Most author’s books have been made into movies providing a more entertaining and visual view of the plot in our most favorite stories.

Millions of families gather in front of the television daily and weekly to view their favorite television shows. Shows such as The Brady Bunch and The Cosby show began models of what the perfect family should be like. These shows not only brought us laughs but they also taught us lessons of parenting and the challenges that children face growing up. Visual entertainment has also shaped American culture by creating improvements to television and film. Impacts like high definition television provides us with a better quality when watching the biggest sports events on television.

For an example the Super bowl which is one of the largest sports events and those that not able to attention the game usually tune in from home or have Super bowl parties. These parties are usually thrown by those that have the newest and biggest television model. Visual entertainment has allowed us to be able to actually see the news and sports instead of only having the option of listening on a radio. Before television was invented the radio was one of the only sources of entertainment.

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Although there has been some positive forms that visual entertainment media has shaped visual entertainment media over the years there have been some negative changes to its value. Years ago the content allowed on television was appropriate for all ages but now it is very risky to even allow children to watch their favorite cartoons. Due to the amount of violence and profanity on television American culture now has concerns with bad influences. Children are being exposed to words and behavior that parents of try every day to teach theirs kids what is right and what is wrong but visual entertainment is showing them things that are negative.

When you are teaching your children to not use inappropriate language and are being sure that they are not being exposed to specific words and behavior then some they watch on television is shows kids using inappropriate language or behavior it confused children and influence them to try it. The social influences of visual entertainment media are mostly negative. Social media is now a type of visual entertainment media and creates a negative impact to society because on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram where there are constant post of videos and status.

The videos posted on these sights contain violence people fighting one another and their friends or family member recording the fights urging them on. They are also videos posted men and women degrading themselves in sexual ways as well as inappropriate dance videos. All of these things are providing negative influences for youth and adults it seems that American culture is being worsen by these things. Social media should ban those that post inappropriate post of status and videos automatically without it having to be reported. Truth is some of it won’t be reported because this is a form of entertainment for so many.

The interrelationship between culture and visual entertainment media has many impacts to television and film. Some of these impacts are positive and some are negative either way they have shaped American culture into what it is today. The positive and negative impacts all us to be visually entertained. Visual entertainment media provides the ability to TV and movies based on your favorite books and sports. It also provides negativity through social influences. However, these are all changes that have impact visual entertainment whether good or bad it is still considered visual entertainment.

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