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Long before, for us to be able to communicate with our relatives from afar, we still need to write a letter and Walt a couple of days for It to be received ND a couple more of days to wait for the reply but with the emergence of these sites, communication was made easier and was taken to a different level. One of the most Influential and popular social networking site of today Is Faceable.

From its birth back In Harvard university on February 4, 2004, Faceable has expanded and became the world's largest social networking site with a whopping total of 1,000,000,000 ( 1 Billion ) users as of today. What made the masses like the said site Is because of It's all in one feature. You can chat, play games, upload photos or videos and even send files, all at the same mime. It frees the users from the hassle of opening up multiple tabs and typing in websites that have one of the many features that Faceable has.

But Like any other sites around the cyber world, the question for privacy arises and It had caused a great deal of problem over the time. It may look sophisticated yet it is still vulnerable to infiltration of hackers, which causes ruckus whenever the domain is hacked or temporarily closed down. Those type of issues caused Faceable to be also viewed as unsafe and more advertisements are made for the people to be aware how e should not place in private information and such in our profiles.

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Since Faceable had been around for ten years already and it had helped bridge long gaps between families and friends, at some point It also helped others to find the right person for them, the one they would want to spend their lifetime with. Faceable being used as well for dating online, it is essential not only for a Mass Communication major to study it but also for every individual that are still baffled as to how people are able to establish a close or intimate relationship with someone they barely knew other than hat Is stated on his/her Faceable profile.

But then again, why is It that those people who are members of groups that were specially made for those who are willing to try online dating, all of the stuff written on their profile will impress you so much and the pictures are just too good to be true. It's as if people whom are currently dating through Faceable only seem to post good things on their walls, which again, makes me have this doubt over the reliability of the people we talk with online, moreover those who are a total stranger to us. 1 OFF

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