Influence of Stakeholders on Reigate College

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In this report I am going to investigate into Reigate College and evaluate into the business how different stakeholders in the organisation have an impact on the college all together. Evaluating which of the stakeholders has the most power and those who have the least power and impact on the college, also what roles they play towards the college and as individuals what impact they have on the different stakeholders within the college itself. Reigate College is a College based in Reigate with its aims and objectives is to provide a high quality education for 16-19 year old students in a supportive and caring community.

Stakeholders: Reigate College is made up of a range of stakeholders those including the Owners, Customers, Employees, Government and Suppliers. All of these stakeholders have a role to play towards the company so that the College gains a good worthy reputation which will help them gain more students wanting them to go to the College as if the stakeholders choose to play their roll well and up to good standards this will result in a good outcome reflecting on the Students results and attendance etc. This will also reflect on their reputation as they already have been graded Outstanding by Ofsted.

Below is a list and review of what stakeholders exist within the college and what rolls they play with what impact they have on the college itself and the other stakeholders. Customers: The Customers within Reigate College are the Parents and the Students that choose to attend the college. They attend the college in hope that the college provides them with a great education which will then provide them with good grades that will help them to gain a place in university or whether they choose to go into work. Either way these grades will provide them with an extra boost of knowledge and confidence for when they go on to their further education.

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If the teachers provide a good service to the students by providing them a good education this will then reflect on the college’s reputation which the college will then benefit from in the long run. So it is essential for the students and teachers to work well together to produce good grades. Not only will the good grades help the students and the college, but also it’s the college’s duty to provide skills such as punctuality, presentation skills and respect which the student will therefor benefit from in the further future.

Employees: The employees of the college are the teachers, depending on which department the employee wishes to apply for depends on who employ’s them, so for an example if someone wishes to apply to be a business teacher, they would be interviewed by the head of the business department which will then be followed up by them again and it would be the head of the department which would then contact the employee to whether they got the job or not.

It’s the teacher’s responsibility for them to share their knowledge and skills with the students to make sure they are taking in as much information as they can which will then help them in their courses and further education. If they do not provide this service to the students the students will then not be reaching their full potential which will then reflect again on the colleges reputation outcome and slims the chances of the students succeeding. Owner:

The owner of Reigate College is Dr Paul Rispoli, he is responsible for the college as a whole, this means he is responsible for the health and safety of the students and staff within the college, also if the students have any main issues or problems with anything they should go to Paul to get this problem resolved. He has the greatest influence on the college as he has the person in the college who should be making sure everything in the college is in line and running as it should be, making sure the teachers are doing their job providing education to the students that attend the college and helping them reach their full potential.

If he did not play his role towards the college everything would go totally wrong and the college would lose their reputation they have today. Teenagers would also be choosing to go to a different college as if the grades of the students at the college were gaining weren’t up to the standards they should be, people would then turn to look at other college’s, this would then be a downfall for Reigate as they want as many people as possible to choose Reigate college for the service they provide.

Government: The Government work with the college to provide them with a budget of money which can go towards improving the process of the college for example with the money the government give the college they can use it to improve the image of the college by adding more buildings to expand the college to give students a wider choice around the college. Also the government provide the college with essential equipment to help enhance the learning of the students as individuals, such as stationary etc. lso as well as the government providing the college with essentials like stationary for the students they also provide exam boards etc. without the governments input on the college they would suffer a lot as there would not be enough money alone for the college to survive and help the students to succeed in what they want to do for their future career. As without money the college cannot provide the service for the students at a high standard as they would want to.

Suppliers: The suppliers of Reigate College have also a great impact on the college as it is their duty to provide the college with anything they wish to purchase such as stationary and computers which help enhance the learning of the students. The college will employ different companies to provide different products such as one company will provide stationary and another computers and electronics.

Without the input from these companies there would be no way for the students to learn apart from using text books, but again text books are also provided by a different company. So it would be very difficult for students to learn in the environment the college provide if they did not have the required equipment needed for the students to learn. So as a whole it is very important for Reigate to keep a close relationship with these sorts of suppliers to enable the sufficient of the students.

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