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Customers for the NHS are the patients to the hospital, whether they have broken a bone or have a serious illness, they are all patients. The influence that they hold to the business is that if it wasn’t for the patients there would be no NHS, and also if there were no patients or people getting ill or sick they would not have discovered any of the diseases that are around today, which means there wouldn’t be as much medication and antibiotics around as there are today.

Customers for Cadburys are the ones that have kept them running and helped them make a profit in there business, by buying Cadburys chocolate confectionary and their merchandise.

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The employees within the NHS are the ones that are helping their patients get better, such as; doctors, nurses and surgeons. These employees help the NHS because if it wasn’t for them there would be no point of having the patients come and a hospital being run.

For Cadburys, there employees are the ones that produce their stock and their merchandise that they sell that has ensured the business to succeed in profit making. Also the staff that they have in foreign countries that work on the farms collecting the cocoa beans that are then sent to the factory to be produced into the chocolate, which is also done by their staff who operate the machinery within the factory.


Suppliers are the people who provide other businesses with apparatus and machinery to help them to run their business. Suppliers of the NHS are the people/business that supplies the NHS with items such as patient’s beds, x-ray machines, drug trolleys etc…

For Cadburys the items that the suppliers give them are items such as the machinery, conveyer belts and also the cargo trolleys to transport the boxes of goods from the factory to the Lorries that will then be distributed to where they need to be dropped off.


Owners are the people or group of people who own the business and are in charge of the business. The NHS is a government run business and is funded by the public taxes. Therefore because it is government ran the money will be spent wisely and appropriately only on what they need and not what they want, and also it means that they will always stick to their budgets so they don’t waste their budget. And also because this business is government run they will only hire the best staff to ensure every patient gets everything they need. Read about FedEx Stakeholders

Cadburys owners are dividend between the people who own it therefore the value of Pressure Groups;

Pressure groups are people who are doing it for Non-profit and are generally voluntary organization, and they seek to influence political or corporate decision making groups. The NHS has had quite a few pressure groups since the 2010 elections had influenced the media exposure of a variety of pressure groups hoping to shape and influence the political debate.

Cadburys had received a lot of pressure from network groups because of their Wispa™ chocolate bar as it was a discontinued good as it was not selling as well as they had hoped it would but after many network pressure groups they had then decided to restart this product and it was back on the shelves in 2007.

Trade Unions;

A trade union is an organization whose membership consists of workers and union leaders, united to protect and promote their common interests, and also if you feel that they have done something to you that is not fair, for example unlawful dismissal then you would contact your trade union and they would tell you your rights etc… and try to help you with the problems. The NHS have many different trade unions as they have trade unions for nurses, doctors, receptionists, directors, managers and many other’s…. Cadburys would also be the same as there would be trade unions for factory workers, distributers (the people who deliver the goods by lorry) etc… and these trade unions would also work the same for issues such as unlawful dismissal.

Employer associations;

An employer association is a body of employers, usually from the same sector of the economy, associated to further the interests of member companies by conducting negotiations with trade unions, providing advice, making representations to other bodies, etc… the NHS have a few Employer associations, as the NHS European Office is a member, on behalf of the NHS, of two social partner organisations, the European Hospital and Healthcare Employers' Association (HOSPEEM) and the European Centre of Enterprises with Public Participation (CEEP). We are also members of the Partnership of Public Employers (PPE), the UK section of CEEP.

Local and national communities;

Local and national communities are a group or people in either a small area such as Wolverhampton (local) and a national group is a larger group of people who live nationally fro example west midlands.

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