India Gypsum Industry Outlook

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Last Updated: 10 May 2020
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On the back of rising demand from industries such as construction, ceramic, cement etc. , the India gypsum market is poised to grow significantly in the coming years. Government is also backing the industry by allowing up to 100% foreign direct investment (FED) for gypsum products. As a result, FED inflows to gypsum products industry in India have registered significant growth in the last few years. Moreover, with ongoing rapid infrastructural developments, the country's gypsum consumption is rising briskly.

The report studies the state of gypsum production, its consumption ND trade in India. It also talks about prevailing industry trends and drivers to provide an understanding of market dynamics. Our report covers different facets of the India gypsum market, integrating thorough analysis of its various categories. The production section studies production of natural gypsum, Silent and other types of gypsum, while the consumption section incorporates consumption of natural gypsum, by-product gypsum, marine gypsum and gypsum moulds.

Overall, our research portrays the state of each of these disgorges over a period of 7 years (during 2011-12 to 2017-18). As for gypsum trade in the country, we have covered a comprehensive analysis of the product's import and export by value and volume during 2010-11 to 2012-13. Further, information about the major gypsum producing states in the country biz. Restaurants, Jam & Kashmir etc. Has also been incorporated in the report. To provide a balanced outlook of the country's gypsum market to clients, our report includes the profiles of major industry players with their key financial.

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Also, it covers an analysis of major gypsum based product manufacturers from different industries in India. In a nutshell, the research provides all the prerequisite information for intending clients looking out to venture into this industry and facilitates them to devise strategies while going for an investment/partnership in the India gypsum market. And More Visit:- http://www. Rondos. Com/Market-Analysis-Reports/Linda- Gypsum-Industry-Outlook-2018-MAMMA. HTML India Gypsum Industry Outlook 2018 By Rondos

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