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With the resubmission of this paper, I actually conducted research on the topic I’m writing about and made sure I understood the research gathered for this assignment. I hope to gain a better understanding of what the Chamber of Commerce is and how it affects my community and the people in it. This revision has taught me to take the time to understand the topic and to conduct the research needed to complete the assignment and also not to complete an assignment based entirely on my thoughts of what I would do if I were in that position.

Illustrate the Message’s View of the Audience and Stakeholders based on the Written Profile. The Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce is a great service to communities. They generate business, raise awareness, create value, network, set up alliances and work together socially and politically. A great Chamber can do wonders for a community. Founded in 1867, The Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce focuses on shaping the financial, educational, and civic well-being of its region. GRCC, 2011). The Chamber acts as an advocate or protector for public policies that create a stable vibrant economy and business area. Those range of issues that the Chamber feels the need to protect its members from are taxation, business and environmental regulation, transportation, workplace and labor relations, health care, education, workforce training, compensation, technology and economic development just to name a few.

The vision of The Greater Richmond Virginia Chamber of Commerce is to be the voice of the Virginia business community and the most influential business advocacy organization in the Commonwealth. The mission of The Greater Richmond Virginia Chamber of Commerce is to be a non-partisan, business advocacy organization that works in the legislative, regulatory, and political arenas to act as the catalyst for positive change in all areas of economic development and competitiveness for the Commonwealth of Virginia. We believe that the business community must be a positive force for enhancing the quality of life in the Commonwealth. To that end, The Greater Richmond Virginia Chamber must be a proactive leader in the search for solutions to problems, a voice for free market competition and limited government, a catalyst for progressive thinking and problem solving, and a partner with the government as appropriate.  Create your own Analysis of the Community Stakeholders and Audience using the Demographics, Geographics, Psychographics, Sociographics, User graphics, and Webographics described in this Chapter.

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Both stakeholders and audiences of The Greater Richmond Virginia Chamber of Commerce are members or future members, not to mention, are also heavily involved in businesses around the Richmond area. According to the Census, demographics have shown that Richmond has a population of 197,790. Of that, 53% is made of up females while 46% is made up of males, households of 84,549 and 43,627 families. Of the 84,549 households 23. 1 had children under the age of 18 living with them, 27. 1% were married couples living together, 20. % had a female householder with no husband and 48. 4% of households were non-families. Of that, 37. 6% of all households were made up of individuals and 10. 9% had someone living with them who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2. 21 and the average family size was 2. 95.

There were 21. 8% of under the age of 18, 13. 1% from 18-24, 31. 7% from 25-44, 20. 1% from 45-64 and 13. 2% who were 65 years of age or older. Of those, only 18. 80% hold a High School Diploma and 32. 5% hold a Bachelors Degree. (Census. ov, 2011). According to geographics, Richmond is located at the fall line of the James River and south of Washington, DC. According to psychographics, most people would migrate to Richmond or Tri-Cities area, the Tidewater area which consists of Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Chesapeake, Williamsburg and Virginia Beach or Northern Virginia which consist of Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax just to name a few. The main attractions would be dining areas, historical landmarks, shopping areas, and nightlife attractions.

With Sociographics, audiences would be attracted to where most people lived like the Richmond, Northern Virginia and the Tidewater areas, which are the main attractions of Virginia. Those cities mentioned above have more main attractions and create a buzz to bring more people into Virginia. The Greater Richmond Virginia Commerce also attracts a lot of attention with their business community as well. Majority of the businesses are owned by African Americans and about a quarter of those businesses are managed by women.

There are over 120,000 businesses here in Virginia which gives more room for growth and the Chamber may want to act on establishing more relationship with these businesses. The Greater Richmond Virginia Chamber of Commerce focuses on four priorities when connecting with our community web-base:

  • The Chamber advocates and supports positive change in the community.
  • Offer members of the Chamber to get involved by participating in committees, councils, networking events, and educational workshops.
  • The Chamber claims to understand the need of a strong workforce and business development initiatives, and has centers for training purposes. The Chamber states that it builds groundwork for success through services, tangible value, and return on investment for the purpose of sustaining capacity and viability of the organization. (
  • The above information is easily accessible through the Greater Richmond Virginia Chamber of Commerce website and also shares vital information for the intended audience and business owner who may want to be a part of the Chamber in the future.

Give two Recommendations that would improve the message, based on Audience Analysis. First, I would recommend the Chamber to get involved in the community not just for Chamber members but for non-members as well. This would be beneficial to the Chamber because they can recruit new members and be beneficial to businesses to bring in more business. Get involved with those around your community, find out what is needed and what should be changed. Look at the small businesses surrounding the area, think of ways to help that business become more profitable. Minorities make up a large part of the population but are overlooked in so many ways. The Chamber should take the time out to establish relationships with those businesses and the communities surrounding that business. Second, I would focus more on education. There are a lot of children who make up the population and not getting the proper education to be successful in life.

Education is the foundation of the community and the Chamber should be more involved with making sure the schools can hold its students and provide a safe learning environment for its students. For those children who are in poor communities, I feel it’s important to reach out to them most f all to ensure they have the proper supplies and clothing to attend school. Provide your Rationale as to why your Version would be better than the Original. I believe my version would be better than the original because I would take the time to establish relationships with the minority businesses surrounding our community. Even though they’re not members of the Chamber I would hope to change that in the future. Minorities make up the majority of our community so to not acknowledge them is the same as not acknowledging our community as a whole.

With education, I strongly believe it is the foundation of community and I believe no one should be without education. Everyone deserves a fair chance at earning a High School Diploma, Bachelors Degree, or higher and who are we to determine who can and cannot further their education. Everyone makes up a community not certain sections people occupy every part counts. With that said, The Chamber should focus more on networking more with non-members of The Chamber to establish long-lasting relationships going forward.

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