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Change of Audience – Letter to Peer

Three skills an Administrative Medical Assistant needs to possess are planning, strategy and effective communication. Planning is a criterion that is required in the job description of a medical assistant.

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Change of Audience – Letter to Peer

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. Medical assistants should also be able to plan well for ordering medical supplies, if a medical assistant does not have planning or organizational skills the company he or she is working for will be out supplies and cannot care for the patients or use the materials needed to complete everyday tasks.

Strategy is a skill that medical assistants need to possess in everyday job experiences. Strategy is something that every person uses on a day to day basis. A good medical assistant should be able to strategize to achieve any goal he or she desires. Working in the medical field there are chaotic days that a person needs to be able to make quick and accurate decisions within an instant. Medical assistants need to be able to strategize each course of action he or she needs to decides and it needs to be accurate and effective because the company is in stake of each strategic decision.

Communication is a skills that every person possess however to be a good medical assistant effective communication is important. Medical assistants use communication at the office answering phones, planning patient’s appointments, and greeting patients with professional hospitability. The medical assistant is the first person a patient see’s when entering the office everyday therefore a medical assistant needs to possess the abilities to understand, listen and control the behavior of other individuals and groups.

Medical assistants should be understanding of patient’s complaints and should have the ability to be a good listener and give professional feedback to the patients

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