Othello Appeal To A Twenty First Century Audience

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In my opinion Othello appeals to a twenty-first century audience due to his themes such as jealousy, deception, racism, manipulation, love and corrupt civilisation which is still relevant in today’s society. These themes are themes that are timeless which explore human nature which is unchanging which still develop and evolve around us. The twenty first century audience would find Othello appealing as the main themes such as racism, jealousy and manipulation are still very prevalent in today’s society.

The main theme in the poem which we can still relate to century’s later is the theme of love, which is very prominent in Othello. Love makes the play ageless; as long as there are people on the earth love will always be surrounding us. Othello and Desdemona surrendered everything they had to be together. This resembles they modern day romance novel, play or movie. They did this even though they were aware it might result in serious conflict. Othello bids “farewell the plumed troops and the big wars that make ambition virtue!

O, Farwell, Farwell the neighing steed and shrill trump, the spirit stirring drum, their piercing fife, the royal banner, and all quality, pride, pomp, and circumstances of glorious war! ” He tells us he won Desdemona not by magic but by telling her of his battles. Therefore Othello affirms his triumphant success on love by his successful career as a soldier. In today’s society men look for success in a career and for a loving wife and this is what Othello achieves with Desdemona. A theme which is also very relevant in today’s society is one of racism.

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Othello suffered from this greatly in the play. Just as Othello suffered from this it has carried on through the years, up until 1968 when the black community were finally given rights. Othello was constantly referred to as “the moor” and “thick lips”. As this happens it shows a hypocritical society as they would have them protect their country but would find it shameful that he married Desdemona. Many felt this way when the first black president of the United States was elected. Iago supposedly Othello’s close friend tells brabantio that “’you’ll have your daughter covered with a Barbary horse”.

He then paints Othello as a crude and animalistic being and insinuates that he is sexually corrupting his daughter the innocent Desdemona. As the play goes on iago continues to go on about the unnatural nature of the relationship between Desdemona and Othello. He tells roderigo the lust between them will not last long “It cannot be that Desdemona should long continue her love to the moor – put money in thy purse- nor he his to her”. This is a recurring situation today. Our two races are being separated by what each fears of the other.

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