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Ilie Haures High School From Triton College

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In college we must manage our time carefully and responsibly as we reach for what we plan to do. With as we grow older, the responsibilities grow up and always we have the feeling that the day is too short. For that we must be careful in taking our decision. The attendance is very important in high school. School attendance is a baseline factor in determining student success. You can't miss from the class without a good explanation. In college we want to be there every time, not to lose the main idea of the course and learn something new every day and apply to the next chapter.

In high school we are some bored kids who hint that all that glitters is gold and nobody can tell us what to do with it. We just don't have any motivation to remain in the classes and wait to hear the bell so we can meet with our friends from other classes. As children, think that is one of the reason why we go to school. We can still find a lot of differences, but you may just be missing some importance in opinions. Each has different conclusion on the topic. I have to manage my time very carefully because with a full time job and evening classes I need a good rest and sleep enough to be responsible and competent for the next day.

For me it's important participation in school and concentrate on the course so can continue my study at home and know what have to work. I have my own motivation and am not forced by anyone to continue my studies. I prefer to study to enrich my vocabulary words and have a good package of knowledge to be prepared for the future and to have a greater chance of finding a better job. Everyone knows that people in high school and college could not be apart.

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