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Aim High Soar High essay

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(Goals are not only essential to motivate, but also an essential thing keeps us alive)                                                                Robert Schuyler. Summed up the lives of many people in that he was born and then grew up in the house of his parents and entered the school, and when he finished his high school told him: your total admits College  Entered, when graduated; told him: that you estimate this lets you work in a job well shall submit to and obtained really.

When he settled in his work told him: that today you to marry this girl for you, marry her and fathered her kids with the same story repeated, that lay on his deathbed and then died buried, and remained his children to live the same story! Is not this story reflect the reality of many people today? So what is the difference between the owner of this story and the rest of the organisms from non-humans? Is not this story is the story of all beings?

Born , full size , married , had children then died !! The primary difference between the human and other organisms that he alone who has the ability to set and achieve goals, if not determined goal of human life; it does not deserve his humanity after he lost his life in the eating, drinking and sleeping. Man is the one who gives his life value, meaning that life is to have a message we perform, and when one of us has real targets, that would be the day of his birth.

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But he who does not have targets it flops in his life randomly, not knowing which way exhibits, and if you have read the story of "Alice in Wonderland" for the author "Lewis Carroll", may remember us that dialogued crossing that took place between the girl "Alice" and the cat-Hakim "Chitchayr", which expresses this sense that we're talking about. When you ask "Alice" cat "Chitchayr" for the road; says: Please, I know of no way behaving? Cat is: It depends largely on where you want to go, says "Alice": I'm not a player a lot of place, is the at: If you do not care much any roads behave, add "Alice" wondering: as long as I get to anywhere? Verde cat: Yes,  Yes ,you will arrive definitely somewhere, provided that they are going adequacy. It is obvious, there is no need to have any significant effort to reach the place indefinitely, you should not do anything and you will reach after one minute, anyway, if you want to access anywhere meaningful, you should know first where you want to go. Designed personal compass. Do you know what is the compass?

It's that simple invention which consists of a magnetic needle always point towards the direction of the north, used by the traveler in the desert or captain of his ship to determine the right direction to walk. The goals in life is to serve as a compass vitae of each human being, it shall establish a direction in which it should route in this life, and constitute a frame of reference can be ascribed to him to take all decisions. If you want to take any decision in your life, such as: in any college study? Any sport practiced? Any physical level should be earned?

Any business join? You must first determine your compass self, your message and your goals that will guide them in all decisions of your life, and only signed a spiral of chaos and confusion does not end until the day you die and you will, will discover looser Talk in your life. So let us in achieving our goals, but how? Beginning you select your life; a major task or a larger role which man lives in order to achieve in life, and he says the "Antoine Okcypri": (life becomes meaningful only when witnessed by day after day for something other than life itself).

This letter is the focus of human life, moving from her and activates it and slept it and carried out. Select the vision that you want for yourself in all areas of your life ,work to determine what you want to achieve, both in the professional side or the social side or other aspects that include parts your life. Then start setting interim targets large and small, all of which hover around your message and pour in the production of your vision, and it says, "Peter A. ": (the road does not go in one big step, but the ay to go in small steps). But remember the goal must carry the conditions it must be a reality can be achieved and more importantly to be clear and have a time limit for beginning and completing process determine the date began the goal and the end help to achieve the goal and then make sure that it can change the target whenever you want. Select your goal from now and remember what he said, "Harvey McKay" the best writer in the field of commercial sales: (The goal is a dream final end).

Aim High Soar High essay essay

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