Ihg’s Corporate Strategy: The Winning Ways

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IHG’s mission statement is: ‘to become the greatest company in the world through creating great hotels guests love’. IHG’s road map for growth is dependent on engagement and high performance from the entire workforce. In order to achieve this, IHG designed a set of values, known as ‘the winning ways’. The winning ways serve as ‘a road map’, which enables IHG to reach their long-term vision. IHG’s winning ways will act as the foundation for how they go about their business. More specifically, the winning ways are fundamental to enhancing relationships with guests, colleagues and business owners.

This new way of working will also support and drive the organization’s growth. But what are the winning ways and how exactly will one measure the strategy’s success? The winning ways are as follows: Do The Right Thing – “We aim to do what we believe is right and have the courage and conviction to put it into practice. We are honest and straightforward and see our decisions through. ” Show We Care – “We want to be a company that understands people’s needs better than anyone else in our industry. This means being sensitive to others, noticing the things that matter and taking responsibility for getting things right. Aim Higher - “We aim to be acknowledged industry leaders, and have built a team of talented people who have a will to be the best.

We strive for success and we value individuals who are always looking for better ways to do things. ” Celebrate Difference – “We believe it is the knowledge of our people that brings our brands to life. We do not impose a rigid, uniform view of the world. Our global strength comes from celebrating local differences, while knowing that some things should be the same. ” Work Better Together – “We are at our best when we collaborate to form a powerful team.

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We listen to each other and combine our expertise to create a strong, focused, supportive and trusted team of people. ” The winning ways outline IHG’s culture as being a world leading hotel group. This unique strategy has been rolled out across the entire group and in order to measure the success of the winning ways, employee satisfaction surveys are used. Basically, IHG acknowledges that their people are the most important element for success, because they are responsible for bringing IHG’s brands (within IHG, there are seven hotel brands) to life for guests.

IHG uses its’ winning ways strategy to put personnel ‘in the spotlight’ and therefore making employees satisfied, in which they will portray their gratification towards guests. In conclusion, IHG’s winning ways strategy is a smart, yet simple approach to reach their mission statement. The winning ways can also be referred to as their guideline or bible to guide the hotel group towards their long-term vision. IHG’s winning ways are how personnel should behave on a daily basis; a set of behaviors based on their values which is ultimately absorbed by the entire workforce and transferred to the guests.

By creating a consistent and reliable workforce, IHG can be sure that their winning ways strategy is the perfect route to success, because after all, guest satisfaction is everything in the hotel industry.


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