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Does Winning the Lottery Cause Happiness?

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Does winning the lottery cause happiness? Playing the lottery is easy- but winning is more of a challenge. Playing the lottery is all about luck- How lucky are you? Money is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. We need money to support ourselves and our families. The lottery has been a popular way for people to "get rich quick" for many years. Buying a lotto ticket is cheap and easy- hoping that you are the lucky winner is a great form of entertainment for people who have big hopes and dreams.

The lottery is played by every economic and social class, from the lower class to the upper class. The lower class often play the lottery in order to win money so they can provide more for themselves, a lot of the time these people don’t win a lot of money or win no money at all, this will cause unhappiness and a feeling of regret for wasting money on playing the lottery; instead could have used that money to buy their essentials needs for example food. Winning the lottery is everyone’s wish.

From winning a couple of thousand rands to millions- is everyone’s biggest wish. Winning the lottery is definitely a blessing but there are those who don’t have the financial management skills to make their money grow and they often end up blowing away all their money in bad decisions. At first people often splurge on expensive and luxurious assets such buying a home, their dream car, go on a vacation or even open up a business that they have always wanted.

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This makes these people very happy. People often spend all the money they have won and then in the end they do not have the money to maintain these expensive assets. These people then start going into debt and start taking out loans that they will never be able to repay and therefore get into a crisis- causing unhappiness. These people in turn then have to start selling off the assets that they have bought in order to pay off these debts, in the end, left with no money and no assets.

Playing the lottery is a form of gambling- people who play a lot, often become addicted and spend most of their days playing, hoping that they will win money – but excessive gamblers can lose all of their possessions if they do not have a lot of money and start selling their possessions in order to gain money to play. I believe that money can’t buy happiness unless you know how to manage your money. Many people are content when they win money as they can now please themselves with what they have always wanted- if people do not know to grow their money, save money and manage their money- this will cause misery and stress.

Does Winning the Lottery Cause Happiness? essay

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