Playing and Winning

Last Updated: 18 Apr 2023
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Most people like to play games, such as sport games, computer games, and so on. Obviously, it forms a highly competition environment among those who play the games and of course, somebody will win or lose during the competitions. In order to get the first place, people would have to go through all the necessary practice. In fact, everyone wants to win the best price but winner is always one. In my opinion, no matter what the result is, people should focus on the process rather than the result. In many cases, people give too much focus on the result.

For instance, students in the school all want to get an A on their assignments, but it always ends up with some negative effects. Some of them will cheat during the test or copy someone else’s work to turn in. Focus too much on the grade will not do any good for their own benefits but decrease their self-value. Without doubt, champion is importance in a competition, but there are things more than that. In the Olympics, athletes come from all over the world and each of them presents his or her country.

Winning the game of course can benefits their countries and athletes themselves. But not everyone can win. I think the most important thing is that even though they did not win, at least they tried their best to participate in the events. If people are always focusing on winning, they would not concentrate on their own sports and make their efforts in vain. Focusing on process has many effects such as friendship and experience. Even though people are winning, they still feel happy because they gain experience and it makes a chance for them to learn from their mistakes.

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The most important thing is whether people learn things or not. I think not being a winner does not mean you are a loser because when things come, not winning could bring more benefits than winning. I disagree with that playing a game is fun only when you win. We can have a lot of fun when we put ourselves in wholeheartedly. Once we take one thing seriously and try our best, then at least the process is really great, it also worth to be proud of.

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