The Cruelty of Abortion: Examining the Reasons Why Pro-Life is Chosen Over Pro-Choice

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Why choose Pro-Life over Pro-Choice Thesis: Although convenient, abortions are cruel, and inhumane alternatives to pregnancy. I. What is abortion? A. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy, either by choice, or for medical reasons. B. There are two possible ways to terminate a pregnancy (pill and in-clinic. ) C. There are also two kinds of abortion. Therapeutic abortion, which the baby is aborted for the safety of the mother, and elective abortion, in which the abortion is performed due to a choice that the mother has made for an unborn child. II. What is life? A.

Most people who feel strongly of abortion and religion believe that life is created upon conception. (egg + sperm) B. Viability is when the fetus is 18 weeks old, and can live outside the womb. The fetus can still be aborted at 18 weeks, but if it were outside the womb, it would have the legal rights of a person. C. At three weeks old the fetus’ heart begins to pump blood to the body. III. Why is abortion chosen over adoption, or keeping the child? A. Some women feel its incontinent. B. Rape or incest only accounts for less than 2 percent of abortions. C. Since its not mandatory, some women don’t know the alternatives. IV.

How is an abortion performed? A. There are 2 ways it can be performed. B. Aspiration abortion is the most common method of abortion. C. The average time for an abortion to be performed is 10-20 minutes. V. What are the legal attributions in an abortion? A. Abortions are 100% confidential (unless the patient is under 18. ) B. Obama’s executive order won’t protect the unborn. C. Since 1973 it has been the responsibility of 7 non-elected judges on the Supreme Court to make decisions on abortions for our nation. VI. Will the mother suffer any complications? A. Post traumatic stress disorder is very common among mothers. B.

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Many mothers suffer complications if they become pregnant after their abortion. C. 47% of women who have one abortion will have another. VII. Should abortion be illegal or just frowned upon? A. 53% of Americans believe that abortion should be legal in some circumstances. B. 22% believe that it should be illegal in all situations. C. Banning abortion, would make it a violation of human rights to some. VIII. Does ethnicity affect abortion statistics? A. African American women are almost 5 times as likely to have an abortion than a white woman is. B. The two main ethnicities that have abortions are Caucasian and African American.

C. Most Mexican Americans are Catholic, and Catholics only contribute to 27% of abortions. IX. Abortions aren’t always performed in a safe environment. A. Unsafe abortions kill upwards of 70,000 women each year. B. Africa has the worlds highest maternal mortality (100x more than developed countries. ) C. In Latin America 21% of maternal deaths are associated with unsafe abortion. X. Unborn babies have characteristics of humans outside the womb. A. By 20 weeks fetuses have pain receptors. B. At 4 weeks fetuses can hear C. At 5 weeks the fetus is just a sac of DNA. XI. Abortion is not globally accepted

A. Abortion in Eastern Europe is higher than any other developed country. B. In Russia where abortion is legal 19/1,000 women have abortions. C. Whereas in Poland where abortion is illegal and highly frowned upon, not 1 % of the population has abortions. XII. Differences between pro-life and pro-choice. A. Pro-life tends to be more of a republican base and believe that everyone has a right to life. B. Pro-choice are more of a Democrat base and believe that a woman has the right to be in control over her body. C. Most people don’t know the extent of abortions, and their specific procedures.

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