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1. How do you set a hypothesis for this study? Null Hypothesis, Ho: Rasna image not recaptured in the market. Alternate Hypothesis, Ha: Rasna image recaptured and brand is revamped in the market. 2. Explain various research processes involved in the study. The various research processes involved in the study are: a. They discovered untapped potential of soft drink concentrate by Market Research. b. Then they tapped the market by launching the Rasna and planned ad campaigns to increase the acceptability. c. They researched impact of the ad campaign on the mind of the customers. d.

They also researched about the market share after the entry of Pepsi and Coke. e. After the decline of Rasna, the discovered new problems regarding customer changing needs (Problem Identification). f. Survey: a survey was conducted by AC-Nielsen to measure the consumer confidence in Rasna. 3. In your opinion what may be the perceived benefits of a new ad campaign? The new ad campaign has many perceived benefits which helped in the revamping of Rasna in the market. They are: a. The new brand symbol-‘a leaf’, symbolized freshness and naturalness which improved product acceptability among customers. . It targeted all segments based on age with the new tagline and the logo. This changed the previous perceptions about the product of being children oriented. c. The product also got very popular amongst children and hence, helped in increasing the market share. d. It established Rasna as a trustworthy product because of being endorsed by kids in the ads. e. It influenced the buying behavior of the parents as the ad campaign improved the product acceptability. f. A celebrity brand ambassador helped the brand connect to masses better. g.

Customer involvement (slogan contests) also helps in gaining customer loyalty for a long term. h. Displaying a complete range of Rasna and highlighting it for all seasons makes it more value-added. 4. Comment on the list of promotional activities undertaken during the revamping process. Impact of promotional activities are: a. Double split technique- The ‘Ek ka Do’ concept targeted the prospective customers to provide them a trial pack and also portrayed it as a ready to use product. It also was affordable to lower sections of the society. . New Flavours- Introducing new flavours was another good promotional strategy to add some differentiation to the products to increase the sales. c. New Retailing Strategy- It helps in increasing the distribution channels of the products and targeting more and more customers. d. Slogan Contests- It enhanced the customer involvement with the product and helps in gaining long term customer relationship and loyalty. e. Celebrity Endorsements- The celebrity endorsements help in connecting with masses and attracts the attention of the customers.

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