How the Evolution of Mobile Phone Affect People Communicate

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How the evolution of mobile phone change the way people communicate? Previously, people used to communicate with some of the earliest forms of communication devices included smoke signal, morse code, and pigeons. With all these communication devices, messages probably need weeks or months to reaching its destination. With the invention of mobile phone, all you have to do these days is send a text or make a call and your message will reach its destination within minutes.


Nowadays, mobile phone is no longer a want but is a need.

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Everyone including people from teenagers to old people has a personal cell phone of their own on their hands. You couldn’t imagine how a mobile phone looks like in the past; it is totally different from now. Improved technology has made a great change in the history of mobile phones, transforming the huge mobile phones into sleek and stylish smartphones we carry with us now. Let’s take a look at how mobile phones developed from the bulky walkie-talkie look to today’s swipe-savvy descendants. Previously, a mobile phone use to be like this. The design is huge and with a long antenna.

A few years later, mobile phones became a little more defined and better looking than how they were before. Antennas were shortened and the designs modified. Only text messaging service and voice call service are included in the function of mobile phone. Besides making a call and texting a message, there is nothing else a mobile phone can do. In 2000, the world’s first touchscreen phone has been invented. More and more advanced technology was included in this world’s first touch screen phone. Besides than making a call and text a message, user can also get entertained from the phone.

There are some simple games included in the phone and a lot of simple applications such as a calendar and a calculator. The image shows a Motorola phone which has a simple black and white touchscreen. Next, technology has undergone a big change in history of mobile phones, putting a colour display and integrating camera to mobile phones, producing the mobile phone with a basic camera. Users can take pictures on the spot when needed with the phone and they need not to carry a digital camera with them wherever they go. Sooner, mobile phones are no longer limited to single screen.

This model has a small screen on the outside to notify calls and text messages coming in, and a big screen on the inner for the user to type messages and carry out other functions of the phone. There are some mobile phones built for delivering great music. A button for music playback and memory support has made the gadget become a great gadget for enjoying music anytime and anywhere. Now, is the time to talk about the most popular phone used by many of us nowadays. There are many company compete in producing smartphones such as Samsung, Apple, Blackberry and so on.

All this advanced touchscreen smartphone are operated by iOS or android, enabling a lot of apps to run on the smartphone. Apps are available in many categories such as games, book, business, communication, education, travel, music and so on. This has make smartphone become a multifunctional device that you must carry with you all the time. You can contact to each other as easy as ABC Evolution of mobile phone has changed our communication easier. With the basic function of making a voice call and text messaging service, we can keep in touch with our loved ones.

Look at the past, we communicate with each other by letter, and it takes long time to receive. For example, if your loved one had moved to a country far from you to pursue his or her study, and both of you only can communicate with each other by letters. It took a few weeks for a letter to reach to your loved one and a few weeks later for the letter to reach back to you again. This is a waste of time and money. The cost of sending a letter overseas is quite expensive if you regularly contact with each other by letter.

But now we have mobile phones, we can connect to each other in a second. By just a click on the tip of your hand, you can have a voice call or a text message to your loved one. It is easy and cost effective. In recent years, mobile phones have become a basic part of life as the number of users of mobile phones has increased. Also, mobile phones are cheap to purchase. There are many reasons why people support and use mobile phones. Millions of other people also support for similar reasons. For example, many people around the world like to use the mobile phone for social networking.

There are a lot of social networking websites available on mobile phone nowadays. Some of the examples are Facebook, Twitter, Skype. With smartphone operated by android system, users can even have multiple social networking applications such as Viber, Whatsapp, Line and many others. If there is a need to talk to friends or families, you can do it from anyplace and at any time. Some of it can also find the friends that had already lost contact and keep in touch again. Besides, you can also take pictures of where you are or what you are doing and post this information to your mobile phone.

You can update photos or videos and show your friends and family what you are doing. This ensured the relationship between you and your friend and between you and your family will be maintained with the power of mobile phone. Mobile phone has change our language Have you ever noticed how the usage of mobile phone has changed our language? On Facebook you “like” things. Like is a great word but now it is used for much more. And you also “comment” on things. All these words may be familiar to us in our life but now when you hear these words you will automatically think of Facebook.

In our daily conversation, we may also use “like” to express that we agree on something. For example, when your friend said something that you think is very true, you will say: I wish to give you a “like”. This shows that how a simple word has a different meaning when we expose to mobile phone frequently. We also use letters for phrases rather than typing the whole thing out. Many people have been using abbreviations when texting with other people such as LOL, BRB, ASAP, OMG and so on. For individuals who are unfamiliar with these abbreviations, the message will become unclear.

Table 1 : Some of the common shortcut used Shortcut| Original Phrases| BRB| Be right back| ASAP| As soon as possible| OMG| Oh my God| LOL| Laughing out loud| L8R| Later| BTW| By the way| 2MORO| Tomorrow| 2NITE| Tonight| The term “Google” is actually a search engine but now it also function as a verb. For example, when you look something up, you tell people you googled it. The interesting part is that people will exactly understand it. They wouldn’t misunderstand that you looked at someone. They will know that you researched something on the search engine.

It changed the way people interact with each other Truth be told, almost everything can be done through the mobile phone nowadays. It started with online shopping where people can now just hold the phone on their hand and buy whatever they what easily. And then came mobile banking, as security became better and better, so did the people’s trust in providing their bank details and doing their banking transactions with their mobile phone.

Breakdown of Communication

One of the greatest disadvantages of the mobile phone is the fact that we do not talk to strangers when traveling anymore.

In the past, several people waiting for a bus would engage in a conversation while they were waiting. People who travelled the same routes every day might develop friendships along the way. This situation does not happen anymore. Today when people are waiting for a bus, they just pull out their mobile phones and speak with old friends, missing out on the opportunity to make new ones. In large cities, many people do not know their neighbours, even though they may have lived in the same neighbourhood for years.

As a society, we are beginning to lose the face-to-face contact that was such an important part of our lives in the past. Communication is at the core of every relationship, personal or professional, that you hold in life. A breakdown of communication caused by technology can affect your job, your friendships, your relationship with others, and your family relationships. In face to face communication your nonverbal communication, like facial expressions and body language, reinforce the tone of your message.

These nonverbal indicators do not exist with technology based communication, making your message more likely to be misinterpreted. The user of mobile phone increases significantly from year to year. More and more people use mobile phone to keep in touch with family, friends, online shopping and even conduct business. The statistics shows how human communication has changed in recent years: 2006 Text Messages: 158 billion MMS Messages: 2. 7 billion Voice Minutes: 1. 7 trillion Cell phone subscribers: 233,041,000 Land lines: 140 million

Twitter Accounts: just launched that July Facebook accounts: 12 million Skype accounts: 171 million 2010 Text Messages: 2. 052 trillion MMS Messages: 56. 6 billion Voice Minutes: 2. 241 trillion Cell Phone Subscribers: 302. 9 million Land lines: 153 million at the end of 2009, (but losing 700,000 a month) Twitter accounts: 175 million Facebook accounts: 500 million Skype accounts: 560 million In a nutshell, the evolution of mobile phone has change the way people communicate. The effects come on both positive and negative side.

In positive side, mobile phone has make the world seems smaller and smaller because everyone can easily connected no matter where there are. Family and friends can keep in touch can up to date to the latest news. On the other hand, mobile phone also caused some form of communication breakdown. Face to face interaction has slowly being eliminated. Everyone seems need to be connected through the mobile phone and live in a virtual world. However, as long as we use mobile phone wisely, we can still maximize the function of a mobile phone to optimum.

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