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Mobile Phone Addiction

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Those who remain fear the loss of mobile phones, or the presence of outside the coverage of the network, and thus the inability to communicate or receive communications .. It is a concern to hit the world and destroyed the ability of people to develop solutions to what the phone is forced suffering .. ..With a little thought, there are people who feel and enjoy the latest devices and smart phones ..

To enjoy the modern programs in addition to the many features provided by these devices .. It is normal when a person uses his mobile phone to make calls or talk to friends and relatives from time to time .. Or Download game compete with friends .. But what if the transformation of the use of smart phone to addiction? .. See what the problems that can be caused by this addiction to the owner? ..

So warned surveys and studies on the smartphone from the increasing signs of addiction, and concluded studies to That people stare at the phones screens For approximately 3 hours a day or more, in addition to the time spent in making calls. .. It was noted that psychiatrists, are those who initiated to consider the fight against the problem - phenomenon, in order to recognize that addiction to smart phones, psychological disorder.

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Experts warn that the use of new technologies at an early age may compound the risk of addiction, isolation and school failure.

Where the smartphone is no longer a means to communicate with others only, but the smartphone is used to finish and follow the work of private and is used in the study and entertainment of the self through the games or watching movies and hear songs and networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and other programs, "People are checking their mobile phones at 34 times a day, and there are five, 81 and eighty-one percent of people who keep their phones near them, and 63 percent are checking their phones even while they sleep.

People who are afraid of losing a mobile phone or being out of network coverage and therefore unable to communicate or receive communication suffer from the disease of sleepophobia. Monophobia can be monitored through a range of behaviors, for example, that a person checks his or her mobile phone more than 30 times a day , Or simply feel that it is impossible for him to give up his phone and live without him.

Experts have found that smart phone addicts have become so many around the world that if they are removed from their phones they feel nervous and angry and can do things beyond their control. The use of the smartphone also leads to poor cognitive skills, especially among students. Surveys showed that the degree of addiction to the smartphone is increasing among young people, where one in every five young people check his phone once every few minutes, and drew attention to all this.

For phones comes at the expense of neglecting the world around us, causing increased anxiety, tension and distraction. Stressing that each user to evaluate the fact that attached to his smartphone, and begin to get rid of this attachment step by step. Radio France International highlighted in a report published on its website the phenomenon of "addiction" of the inhabitants of the earth to the use of mobile phone.

A study by the High Tech Web site showed that around 1.5 billion people around the world have mobile phones, while the study revealed that if this upward development revolutionized communications worldwide, it certainly had a significant impact on behaviors Individuals in the community.

The study found that the use of intelligent mobile phones with the Internet causes "addiction" to this technology, and this situation is widespread and widely, among the 8.6 billion people of the earth, 1.5 billion people have mobile phones. But far from the figures and comparisons, the widespread use of mobile phones, especially smart phones, has led to a radical change in societal behavior.

According to the study, 60% of mobile phone users sleep with their hands in their hands, and 15% of them may stop their entertainment and chat conversations just to answer the mobile phone. Many researchers have pointed out that there is a threat to the Earth's population from these mobile phones, that is, the addiction to this technology is already the same as when playing a game of video games continuously can be considered a form of addiction.

Is addiction to smart phones a disease In Singapore, as in many other countries, doctors are struggling to recognize smart phone addiction as a form of psychological disorder. If you are difficult to break away from your smartphone or from people who seek it for no particular reason, you may be threatened with an addiction that may require the help of a psychiatrist.

Singapore and Hong Kong broke regional records on the number of smart phone users, according to the latest report by the Nelson Office of Studies. According to Experience, 87 percent of Singapore's 5.4 million people have multi-function phones, compared to 65 percent in the United States.

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