How I Turned My Millionaire Mentor Into My Business Partner

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Building a long term business relationship often begins with the idea of reciprocity. No matter how influential someone might be, if you do a genuine favor for him/her and stay connected with them persistently, you might be able to turn your mentor and role model into your business partner.

When we think about how to make a lot of money, we hear of 1,001 things we need to do to get there. But, We both know that trying all of those strategies is not worth it. And these ‘Suggested Tricks’ are not likely to work. Because if it were, everyone would be doing it already.

Forget everything you know about making money. It’s probably not true. To be rich, you just need one thing: A rich network of people

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I Ask what I can Do for the Millionaire, no what He can Do for Me

To be rich, you just have to know a bunch of rich people.

It’s pretty simple. Renowned Marketer, Neil Patel has his own theory and algorithm for this: He says that you can just take the top 5 people who you spend the most amount of time with day to day, and take all their individual incomes, add them all up and divide it by 5.

That’s probably how much money you make. So, this kind of shows how important it is to surround yourself with rich people.

But HOW??

The trick is to reach out to them and make them feel important. And offer to help them for free.

For example, the other day, I sent in an application to write for Search Engine Land. The application asked if anyone referred me to apply, and if anyone can vouch for me.

Notice how I specifically mentioned why he should vote for me and also mentioned how I would not just return the favor but do it big.

This way it’s a win-win for both Neil and me. Notice how I did not just ask for a favor from him without giving one larger favor back in return.

Tell them How Much of a Badass They are and How Big of a Fan You are of Them

The best way to do this is to follow them on social media and interview them:

With my current business partner, Jeet Banerjee, I actually digitally met him a couple of years ago. I was just researching young entrepreneurs and his name kept coming up over and over. I kept seeing so many videos of his interviews on YouTube.

And since then, I started following him on social media and kept up with him.

Then, recently, after finishing up my contract with a company I was working with, I really wanted to start something on my own. Something fun and creative.

So…I reached out to Jeet once again.

Yes, I did not offer him a clear favor this time, but I did not exactly ask for a direct favor from him either.

But, I did make sure to let him know how much I look up to him as an entrepreneur and how I have been following his success for some time now.

And yeah, we met up for dinner and decided to work on a project together.

Be Specific in Your Short-Term Goals, Long-Term Goals and the Reason of Contacting Them

Bottom line here is: Don’t waste their time.

Millionaires are very busy people usually. So be succinct when you reach out to them.

Some entrepreneurs get so many emails; they even make it public that they will ignore yours if it’s not concise. For example, here is what Neil Patel’s contact page looks like:

You have to be short and to the point. Here is how I email busy millionaires if I am reaching out for the first time and asking them for a favor:

And yes…It worked ;)

And so, that’s how I became a contributor to the Huffington Post. Just keep in mind how many emails they get per day. Make yours short, sweet, and to the point, and you are much more likely to actually get a response

The Mantra to Pitching Millionaires

Remember to have a handful of people in mind that you want to reach out to. Because the reality is that no matter how good your pitch is, some people will simply not want to work with you.

So, think of some of the biggest influencers you look up to. Do some research on them. Add them on social media. And have the courage to actually reach out to them. You won’t regret it.

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