Failure Turned Into Success

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I failed many projects at work, some larger than others. One project that I failed was when I had to refill the push mower with oil. I almost made my first mistake by choosing the wrong type of oil for the mower, but luckily was smart to call my boss and choose the correct oil. My first mistake was to not to listen to what my boss said and clean off the dipstick before I started to refill the oil tank.

By not doing this, I did not know the specific amount to how much to add. This mistake leads into my second mistake of adding too much oil to the mower. These two mistakes ruined the mower and costing the company to buy a new push mower. I could and should have done many things different to avoid this problem. The main thing that I should have done different is to ask someone to help guide me through the process of adding oil instead of teaching the process to myself, which ultimately cost the company more money.

I, as a Christian project manager, should have many standards to evaluating software development projects. When evaluating, I should ask to myself whether the project is honoring to God. When I say that, I mean is the project representing the way Christians live their lives for Christ. Is the project appropriate to God and acceptable for anyone to accomplish? In 1 Thessalonians 4, it talks about urging or pushing believers to live a life pleasing to God. Then it goes on to talk specifically about the life believers should be living.

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The way that I am told to be living my life should also be displayed in the projects that I create. The projects should be an encouragement to others when they use it and should help to benefit other’s lives. This project also should be an example to how believers live their lives. 1 Timothy 4:12 helps encourage that mindset by talking about how believers should set an example for others in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity. Overall, when evaluating projects, they should be pleasing to the Lord, be an example, and influence others positively when using them.

Basing my mistakes on the standards by which to live by, my project would still be considered a failure. It would be a failure because I did not listen to my boss, which is disobedience and that is not pleasing to the Lord. Ruining a mower is not a good example to my other work colleagues either. I should have been smarter in the way I handled the project and thought about how to have the project run efficient and productive. My disobedience resulted in failure of the whole project and making the company’s reputation increase negatively.

Moses would probably say that about 45% of the plan was completed on time. The percentage is not very high because of the Israelites causing problems with their attitudes and doubts on God. Also, the Israelites did not have much faith in Moses leading them and this caused many problems in trying to get the plan completed. From Moses’ perspective, I think he would say that the journey to Mount Sinai and getting the Ten Commandments written was completed late because of the actions of the Israelites.

Since the Israelites became impatient with Moses and making a golden calf, it slowed down the entire process of getting the Ten Commandments written. Moses could have taught Aaron stronger principles in keeping God’s people under control while he was at Mount Sinai. If Aaron was stronger and not so willing to make false gods, the process of the Ten Commandments being written would have been completed quicker.

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