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How Culture Affects Managers

How culture affects manager in international organizations.In the last few years globalization has been expanded all around the world in different areas and technology.International organizations have the same effect, organizations that want to have an adventure must require managers or leaderships with general awareness of cultural variables that may affect the business and make this a success or a flop.

Since culture has become one of the main obstacles to standardize decisions and processes in multinational enterprises, a barrier that is sometimes impossible to overcome …(XII) After the end of World War II growth of globalization has become widespread, thanks to advances in communication, transportation, technology and trading system.

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The world is moving into a new millennium and we cannot ignore the importance of international business, and the administration thereof.

However adaptation to culture is the most difficult challenge doing international business, this requires an understanding of the different culture, perceptions, stereotypes and values. Only the managers with a wide cultural sensitivity will success. No single nation can be complacent about itself and does not need the assistance and support of other countries, even the riches nations need which lack resources and through global negotiations and agreements supplement their needs and wants.

The development of international trade makes countries prosper by leveraging its assets produce better, and then exchanged with other countries, which in turn they produce best. When companies are interested in international trade or looking to diversify markets, they need to negotiate with foreign firms, then countries will be better off.

To achieve this they have to resolve conflict or mishaps that may rise when negotiating, because many times one party is not willing to give, so firms need to plan strategies to work to reach an agreement, It is important to know the essential aspects of international negotiation, however culture influences directly in international negotiations, as not all countries negotiate the same way.

Aspects such as values, habits, customs, religion, morality, etc. are essential to know, before a firm can have good communication and the n negotiating for a mutually beneficial. Horak, S. (2010). Does The Individual’s Culture Play A Role In The Value Perception Of Members Of Small Multinational Teams?. Business ; Economics Journal, 1-7. The author of this article said

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