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They will also learn food and beverage service theory which is about theoretical components that relate to food and beverage department of hospitality business ("Banshee college,"). Effective leadership and management courses will train students how to behave and act as a leader in the hospitality environment. Hospitality and tourism careers will introduce students to their careers, show them how hospitality and tourism affects us, and students will also recognize numerous career opportunities available to hem.

In the third semester, students will select two of five electives to focus on specific area of their careers: Entrepreneurship, wine appreciation and food pairing, risk management and hospitality law, fundamentals of beer. For the last semester, students will have a chance to practice what they learned in a 14 weeks internship in a real hospitality environment. Hospitality industry is believed to have a bright future. Graduated students will have all the qualifications to seek a Job in different areas, such as front office, housekeeping, food and beverage operation, human sources, marketing and sales, hotel and restaurant management.

As the hospitality business environment becomes more and more complex 0. West and Tonsorial-Frey, 2008), it will provide many opportunities for students. Due to traveling demand, the number of hotels and resorts has increased in the last few years, which make the hospitality industry full of opportunities (Parisian). The average monthly income for a hotel and restaurant manager in Canada is about 5500 CAD, and for other Jobs in hospitality industry like bartender, cook, receptionist, chef, and supervisor of food revive is around 1000 CAD to ACADIA ( "salary explorer" ,2012).

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Although the hospitality industry has many opportunities, graduated students from the program still need other skills, such as communication, foreign language ability, leadership, strong analytical ability, creativity and a strong work ethic. As foreign language ability is the key element in the hospitality industry, the more languages students can speak, the more advantages they have. For hotel and restaurant manager, students are required to know at least three languages.

Hospitality environment is also one of the most complicated works environments as it involves many cultures, many ethnic groups from many countries. Furthermore, it needs very high security control. Hotel managers/staffs need to be extremely careful not only in communication with their guests, but also in making any type of decision, because their hotels may end up as breeding grounds for illegal activities such as narcotics or prostitution. To sum up, the hospitality industry is a developing industry, which offers many opportunities for students. It is also a well-paid Job.

In order to be successful in this complex Hotel and Hospitality Industry By insinuatingly and most important of all, have passion for their Job. The reason I choose to study and work in this environment is because I'm a hard worker, I always want to keep myself busy, and I love to communicate and meet new people. I know that the hospitality environment is very complex, and the risk that employees may have to face, but I believe in my ability to resolve any problem. Every industry has its own good side and bad side, the most important reason that keeps us not to give up is the suasion for our career.

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What is the difference between hotel and hospitality industry?
The hotel industry is focused on providing lodging services to guests, while the hospitality industry is focused on providing a wide range of services to guests, including lodging, food and beverage, entertainment, and other services. The hospitality industry is much broader than the hotel industry and includes a variety of businesses, such as restaurants, resorts, and event planning companies.
What is the hospitality industry?
The hospitality industry is a broad category of businesses and services that provide food, lodging, and other services to travelers and tourists. It includes hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, amusement parks, and other related businesses. The hospitality industry is a major contributor to the global economy, employing millions of people around the world.
What are the 3 types of hospitality?
The three types of hospitality are accommodation, food and beverage, and event management. Accommodation involves providing lodging and other services to guests, such as housekeeping and concierge services. Food and beverage involves preparing and serving meals and drinks to guests. Event management involves planning and organizing events, such as weddings, conferences, and other special occasions.
What is the relationship between hospitality industry and hotel?
The hospitality industry and hotels are closely related, as hotels are a major component of the hospitality industry. Hotels provide lodging, food, and other services to travelers and guests, and are a key part of the hospitality industry. Hotels are also a major employer in the hospitality industry, providing jobs for many people in the industry.

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