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Hospitality industry provided a wide range of Job and career opportunities to the social at Malaysia. The Jobs provided include hotel general manager, hotel clerk, bellhop, meeting and convention planner, concierge, maitre d', gaming dealer, maid and housekeeping cleaner and reservation ticket agent which are the most common career in hospitality industries. Each position has its own duties and responsibility to the hotel and it is plays an important role in maintain the quality service of a hotel. Besides, hospitality industries also provided a lot of business opportunity to the Malaysian community.

Business such as restaurant, fitness, taxi or car rental service, and travel agent are giving the opportunity to start growing in the hospitality industries. Business networking service is a new business that started growing up recently. It is specifically helpful for business people by set up a service system online where business people can enter their flight details as well as the purpose of their travel on the management tool used and the hotel company will help contact ND make connections to the people with businesses in that area the business traveler would like to meet up with.

An innovative hotel service is one of the businesses that can be growing up in the hospitality industries. Most travelers nowadays are looking for a different experience with their hotel. The ambiance as well as the services offered matters greatly. Just make sure that the concept of the hotel is unique. However, this service is only available at other countries but not yet grow up in Malaysia. Moreover, hospitality industries also bring a lot benefits and active impact to the social in the Malaysia.

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An improvement of social lives quality can be visible due to the hospitality industries provided a wide range of career opportunity to the social. Unemployment rate is decreasing in order the economy in the Malaysia is growing up. Besides, with the service that the hospitality industries provided, the guest is enjoyable to accept their service. This showed that a quality lives in the social where the highest class enjoy and pay the service, middle and lowest class provide the service. Community identity and pride can be generated through tourism.

A positive sense of community identity can be reinforced and tourism can encourage local communities to maintain their traditions and identity However, everything must have pros and cons, it is not exception for the hospitality industries too in Malaysia. Some theme hotel like casino hotel is provided gambling service which instills a bad habit into society. Gambling does not bring any benefit to the society but bring harmful in affected a person's mind thinking. Some people cider to suicide due to they owe a large amount of money caused by the gambling. Saturate Just looked at the profit that they can earn but not care about the quality of the food. Although hospitality industries improve the social lives quality but failed to build up a healthy lives to the social. In the other hands, with the recent renewed interest in global warming and heightened concern for environmental degradation, many people have started to pay attention to the impact of the hospitality industry on the environment. Sustainable work practices are now part of the equation, these raciest involve looking at ways the business can reduce their impact on the environment.

However, there are still bringing negative impact to the environmental. One of the common negative environmental impacts caused by hospitality industries is water wastage. Hospitality industries need a large quantity of water to work up their business. Example kitchen needs a lot of water in cleaning the utensils in a restaurant, housekeeping needs water in clean up a room. Water wastage pollutes the waterway nearby and directly destroys the ecosystem which is around the area.

Even so, this problem never looked up by the hospitality industries and this problem is rolling up to become more serious now. Even though hospitality industries bring negative impact to the environment, it is also bring benefit to the environment which is providing financial or in-kind support for the conservation of the local environment and natural resources in order enhance the reputation of any tourism business. Tourism particularly nature and customers helps promote conservation of wildlife and natural resources such as rain forests, as these are now regarded as ours assets.

It also helps generate funding for maintaining animal preserves and marine parks through entrance charges and guide fees. By creating alternative sources of employment, tourism reduces problems such as over-fishing and deforestation in developing nations. In the conclusion, hospitality industries have the development potential in encourage the economy to growing up in Malaysia. For all that, hospitality industries still need to improve in prevents bringing much negative impacts to the social even environment.

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