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Improving Hospitality Industry Talents in Macau

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Improving Hospitality Industry Talents in Macaw


With the development of the Macaw economy, the local market requires more labor to satisfy its demand. However, Macaw's human resource distribution is not balanced especially for local professionals in the hospitality industry. Although the unemployment rate in Macaw has been around 2% during recent years, improving the whole professional level is the most important thing for the long term. (Government of Macaw Special Administrative Region, 2013) According to statistics, here is around 130 thousand non-local people work in Macaw in 2013.

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Since the booming development of the hospitality industry, there is no doubt that Macaw needs more qualified personnel in the future. Career Times has reports that "As business booms, the shortage of qualified personnel is becoming more acute and employers are starting to worry. " (2006) Therefore, it is essential that Macaw cultivates more hospitality industry talents in order to have a stable and sustainable development. This project proposal presents 3 recommendations to improve hospitality industry talents in Macaw.

Problem Statement In the ideal situation, Macaw would have an effective and efficient educational system, cultivating sufficient professional talents to develop and maintain this city. In recent years, with the flourishing hospitality industry, Macaw needs more and more professional talents to manage the whole market. However, due to the defective educational system, the younger generations are not qualified professional. But in order to increase economic efficiency, the government has to hire more and more non-local people to meet the requirement.

It is obvious that this situation threatens coal people's opportunity, livelihood and their developments even it will sharpen contradiction According to Macaw daily news (201 1), hotel and restaurant industries still have 5000 Job vacancies. Imbalance has occurred in the talents structure which also drags on the development speed of Macaw's economy. Therefore, Macaw government should pay more attention to improve the Educational system, allocate the educational resource reasonably to improve the overall quality of local people especially for improving hospitality industry talents to manage this industry and push it too new high.

Literature Review

As the saying goes "Teachers are engineers of human souls". Therefore, in order to improve educational quality, we need to attach great importance to a highly educated and trained workforce. (Corker, n. D. ) As mayor of Chattanooga in U. S. A, Mr.. Corker tried to hire the best teacher to the low performance school by providing extract bonus. Finally, he have really great reward through this measure, the low-performance schools have better achievement than other school. In addition, he also supports the scholarship to help over housing Tennessee students afford their university and reduce the loan interest. (Improving Education in America, n. D. , Mr. Corker's movement not only could increase the national talent quality, but also it could help the younger generation reach dreams. The United Kingdom has their own way to cultivate talents. Although their population is only 1 percentage of the world, they have issue 8 percentage of research paper to the world. Besides, Cambridge University cultivated around 60 Nobel Prize winners. Is, 2004) The reason why U. K has a strong educational system to cultivate lots of Allen's is they mainly focus on cultivate understanding in students. Not only are the educator imparts knowledge, but they pay attention on students' capacity for independent thinking and creative intelligence. Furthermore, they have a great educational tradition that Oxford University and Cambridge University have courses cross-training for broadening students' horizon. It is very important that they have those characteristic to face various challenge of future lives.

After the Second World War, Japan hospitality industry gradually became one of the most speeding expanding industries. Their service and management become more denaturized and scientific which approved by customers from all over the world. (L', 2010, Para 2) There is no doubt that their achievement and their education are inseparable. According to Lie, whatever Japanese colleges or training school, they all keep closed contact with the hospitality industry to get the newest information about this industry.  It is a wise measure to formulate the education plan to cultivate professional talents.

Moreover, not only do they focus on the quality of education, but also emphasize the professional atmosphere, practical training and language skill to enhance the whole quality (Para 8) As is known to all, details determine success or failure, Japan apparently have cultivated lots of hospitality industry talents to strengthen their competitiveness in the world. Proposed Solutions It is recommended that the Macaw government pay an attention in hospitality industry training to enhance occupational temperament. As is known to all that Macaw has only two hospitality institutes which are I. F. T and M. IS. S. T. , not only could we focus on the professional knowledge, but also we are supposed to emphasize students' professional behavior. Since employees need to deal with human beings in this industry, so we could provide the etiquette class, social skill class languages class, world culture class as compulsory course to make students become more qualified. In addition, institutes are supposed to keep in touch with the industry in order to update the newest information to formulate the teaching plan.

It is both important for students and the industry to improve the whole quality services. It is recommended that the Macaw government attach great importance to educator. It is known to all that educators are very significant to students to improve the whole educational quality, the government could measure a plan to reward educator, providing teaching bonus, housing allowance, traffic allowance, traveling allowance and so on to and attract and motivate educators.

Paying more attention on education atmosphere, let educator and student get along with harmony to enhance the quality of education and get positive results. It is recommended that the Macaw government could extend the scholarship limitation and lower the loan interest to let student get further education. It is known to all that the higher education is not cheap at all so that some student would drop he class due to the expensive fee, and the limitation of scholarship strict. Therefore, the government could offer more scholarship quota to the student and lower loan interest to reduce their pressure. Government should provide financial support to let those who pursue studies could afford their course.

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