Essays on Obedience

Essays on Obedience

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Social Influence, Comformity, Obedience and Compliance

It refers to our need to be right. Sometimes, an individual does not know what is the correct behaviour for the particular circumstances. In these cases, the individual will look to and copy the behaviour of others (e. g. modeling). The behaviour of others provides …

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Milgram’s Obedience Experiments

Abstract This essay comprises a discussion of a classical experiment from the history of psychology, namely Milgram’s obedience experiment. This includes an evaluation of the relevance of Milgram’s findings to the present day. Finally, the evidence presented within the essay is synthesised and conclusions made. …

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Critical Analysis of Milgram Obedience Experiment

Critically discuss a classic experiment from the history of psychology (e.g. the Milgram Obedience Experiment, the Stanford Prison experiment). What, if any, relevance does it have to the present day? Abstract Stanley Milgram’s obedience study (1963) has been extremely influential in psychology. Milgram investigated human’s …

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Thoreaus’ Campaign against Blind Obedience to the Government

Led by his disgust against the slavery and the war of the United States against Mexico, Henry David Thoreau (1848) called on men and women to stand up against a government that perpetuates injustices through his essay Resistance to Civil Government, also known as Civil …

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Basis for Milgram’s Obedience Experiment Essay

In this assignment I intend to evaluate Stanley Milgrams studies of obedience and in particular the ethical issues broken. I hope to determine whether the knowledge gained justifies his experiments. After the destruction and atrocities committed in World War II many historians argued that there …

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Pages 7
The Perils of Obedience by Stanley Milgram

In “The Perils of Obedience” by Stanley Milgram, Milgram explains that obedience is a natural occurring behavior, which acts on instinct ignoring a persons ethics, sympathy, and moral conduct (Milgram 343). In this experiment two people come into the laboratory where they are told they …

ObedienceStanley Milgram
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Obedience, in human behavior, is a form of "social influence in which a person yields to explicit instructions or orders from an authority figure". Obedience is generally distinguished from compliance, which is behavior influenced by peers, and from conformity, which is behavior intended to match that of the majority.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the importance of obedient?
There are many reasons why obedience is important. One reason is that it helps us to avoid danger. If we obey the rules of the road, we are less likely to get into accidents. If we obey our parents, they are more likely to keep us safe from harm.Another reason why obedience is important is that it helps us to achieve our goals. If we want to succeed in school, we need to obey our teachers and do our homework. If we want to get a job, we need to obey our boss and work hard.Obedience is also important because it shows respect for authority. When we obey our elders, we are showing them that we value their experience and wisdom. When we obey the law, we are showing respect for those who make and enforce it.Finally, obedience is important because it helps to maintain order and peace in society. When everyone obeys the rules, it makes it easier for everyone to get along. But when people start to disobey the rules, it can lead to chaos and conflict.
What is obedience explain?
Obedience is a form of social influence that occurs when a person follows an order, request, or command given by an authority figure. Obedience is generally thought of as a good thing, as it helps to maintain order and keep people safe. However, there are also times when obedience can be harmful, such as when someone is ordered to do something that goes against their moral values or causes them to harm another person.
What is obedience as a student?
There are a few things that come to mind when thinking about obedience as a student. First, obedience is generally doing what you're supposed to do - showing up to class on time, doing your homework, listening to the teacher, etc. Second, obedience can also be following school rules and regulations. This might include things like being respectful to your classmates and teachers, not causing trouble in class, and not breaking any school rules. Finally, obedience as a student can also be about being obedient to your parents or guardians. This might mean following their rules at home, doing what they ask you to do, and respecting their authority.
What are the importance of obedience in the society?
There are many importance of obedience in the society. Obedience is the act of carrying out an order or command. It is important for individuals to obey orders from those in authority in order to maintain a functioning society.Obedience is important because it helps to maintain order. If everyone obeyed the orders of those in authority, there would be less chaos and disorder. Society would be able to function more smoothly and effectively.Obedience is also important because it helps to promote cooperation. When people obey orders, they are more likely to cooperate with others. This cooperation is necessary for society to function properly.Obedience is also important because it helps to prevent violence. When people obey orders, they are less likely to engage in violence. This is important for maintaining peace and stability in society.Overall, obedience is important for maintaining a functioning society. It helps to maintain order, promote cooperation, and prevent violence.

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