History quiz ch 19

The teller amendment to the war resolutions
called for cuban self government
The 1890 book, The influence of Sea Power Upon History, influenced the US to invest in
**Merchant steamships
How does this painting of a charge up the San Juan Heights accord with the actual event
How does this cartoon portray the position of the US in relation to the Caribbean
In the illustration, a large Roosevelt dominates the Caribbean sea just as the US hoped to do in reality
The primary goal of the American government’s imperialistic policies was
economic opportunity
After buying the project from the Panama Canal company, how did the United States gain control of the region where the Panama
US naval forces supported the Panamanian revolt against colombia
According to the British poet Rudyard Kipling, the white man’s burden was the responsibility to
civilize so called racially inferior people
Picture brides were
Japanese women in long distance arranged marriages to men in the US
What effect did the insular cases have on constitutional rights for colonial populations
Why did the US establish American protectorates in the Caribbean
to ensure its market dominance in the Americas
What was ironic about the dispute in the United States about whether American needed the consent of colonized peoples to govern them?
Today, many experts believe the Maine probably sank due to
an internal explosion
Who funded the Panamanian revolt against colombia
the New Panama Canal Company
Commodore George Dewey led the Americans to victory
in Manila Harbor
How did descriptions of life in China affect American foreign policy
US leaders became interested in gaining access to Chinese markets and tried to restrict Europeans from building colonies there through the open door policy
What ere spheres of influence
exclusive political and trading rights within another nation’s territory
What were measurements of the head and face as seen in this image believed to reveal
racial classifications
Why was angel island a place of sorrow for some Japanese and Chinese immigrants
Asian immigrants were detained there and often interrogated while American authorities attempted to verify their identities
The main Asian imperialist power around the turn of the 20th century was
For what reason did Americans pursue westward expansion in the nineteenth century
to increase economic opportunities
Why did Theodore Roosevelt worry that there could be a European invasion of the Caribbean during his presidency
The Dominican Republic and Venezuela were indebted to European nations
Which statement might a believer in social Darwinism have made regarding U.S imperialism
We must promote the superiority of our culture in an effort to ensure world stability
How was American imperialism in Puerto rico, Guam, and the philippines, different from the informal economic empire it established in the caribbeam
The three countries became actual colonies of the United States as a result of the Spanish -American war
Who was Emillio Aguinaldo
the Filipino leader who declared independence from Spain
Theodore Roosevelt saw the Roosevelt Corollary as
a logical extension of the Monroe Doctrine
Major outsomes of the Spanish-American War included which of the following
the emergence of the united States as a world power
Amigo warfare was the american term for
The Filipino way of fighting
What is a protectorate
a country or territory under the protective authority of a stronger nations
What was the effect of Filipion rebels’ efforts to attract African American soldiers to their cause
Only a few soldiers joined the filipinos to fight against the US
Why did the federal government institute the Dollar Diplomacy policy
to maintain US economic dominance in Latin America
Thousands of African American laborers from the American South dug much of the panama canal
American war hawks claimed that the Maine sank because of an attack by Cuban rebels
Because of the economic depression from 1893 to 1897, many american became determined to build commercial markets overseas
In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, colonists in North and South America staged a series of successful revolutions against their European rulers
To uproot the Filipino guerrillas, the US army adopted a mix of persuasive and coerave tactics
By the 1890s, European nations had created empires that extended throughout the entire world, excepting the Western hemisphere and China
President Theodore Roosevelt was not eager to establish the Dominican Republic as a protectorate of the IS
Yellow journalism exploited an American desire for isolationism to avoid war during the 1890s
Because of excellent working conditions at the building site of the Oanama Canal, very few workers died during its construction
At the beginning of the twentieth century, U.S citizenship was open only to white persons and those whose ancestors came from africa