Essays on Arab Spring

Essays on Arab Spring

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Social Networks and the Arab Spring

โ€œAn Examination of the Role of Online Social Networks in the Uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt in 2010-11โ€ In the academic research and journalism about the Arab Spring, there are contrasting views surrounding the importance of the Internet and online social networks in the success …

Arab SpringCensorshipFacebookInternet
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Arab Spring

Through the article by Attkisson and additional research, we learned that the Arab Spring was the uprising of both violent and non-violent demonstrations in the Middle East and North Africa over the two-year span beginning in late 2010 through the middle of 2012. The match …

Arab SpringTerrorismViolence
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The Arab Spring: Implications for US Policy and Interests

Introduction The political uprisings in the Arab world during 2011 undeniably transformed the Middle East and the North of Africa (MENA) (Dalacoura, 2012: 63). An explosive mix of deepening political grievances and a series of socio-economic problems, such as: high unemployment, especially among youth, corruption, …

Arab SpringInterestsIranIsraelTerrorism
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The Power of the Follower: the Arab Spring and Social Media

THE POWER OF THE FOLLOWER SAND011A MBL 921-S Leadership Assignment II Group Member Student Number Contribution Addison, B. 7078-516-3 100% Bheamadu, A 3285-589-3 100% Deonarain, N 7288-417-7 100% Deshmukh, A 7136-472-2 100% Jooste, D L 7276-682-4 100% Mahura, S 7300-632-7 100% Mavimbela, R 7294-314-9 100% …

Arab SpringEgyptInternetJournalismSocial Media
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Syria Conflict

Introduction The Syrian Arab Republic is an Arab country in Western Asia, bordering Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea to the West, Turkey to the North, Iraq to the East, Jordan to the South, and Israel to the Southwest. In March 2011, the Syria conflict has …

Arab SpringLiberalismPolitics
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Origins of the Arab Spring

Abstract This report presents an in-depth analysis of the Arab Spring that recently erupted in several Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa. It provides an overview of events that took place during the uprising, specifically in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen and Syria. …

Arab Spring
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Arab Spring: Overview

In order to eliminate the autocratic regimes that were in control of their nations ‘destinies, many countries In the Middle East engaged In a revolution for freedom. Beginning In Tunisia, protesters In other countries of the Middle East gathered in a popular movement, known as …

Arab Spring
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The Arab Spring

The Arab Spring โ€“ Can It Avoid Death? A high degree of pessimism continues to hold a strong grip over the enthusiasts of democracy in the Arab world. In the last one year or so, the popular uprisings for social and political change have stalled …

Arab Spring
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The Arab Spring was a series of anti-government protests, uprisings, and armed rebellions that spread across much of the Arab world in the early 2010s. It began in response to corruption and economic stagnation and was first started in Tunisia.

Arab world, Egypt

Start date

December 18, 2010


Goals : Democracy ; Free elections; Economic freedom; Human rights; Employment ; Regime change


What is the Arab Spring Summary?
Arabic: lrbylrby. The Arab Spring was a series or uprisings and anti-government protests that took root in large parts of the Arab region during the early 2010s. It began as a reaction to oppressive regimes.
What was the role of social media during the Arab Spring?
Social media played an important part in facilitating communication and interaction among protesters. Protesters used the social media platform to organize demonstrations that were pro- or anti-governmental, share information about themselves and increase awareness in local and worldwide of ongoing events.
What happened in Egypt during the Arab Spring?
Millions upon millions of protestors from diverse socio-economic backgrounds demanded that Egyptian President Hosni Mobarak be removed. Violent clashes erupted between security forces and protesters, resulting in the deaths of at least 846 and more that 6,000 injuries.
When did Arab spring start in Saudi Arabia?
Saudi Arabian protests were part the Arab Spring that began in 2011 with the Tunisian revolution. Protests began with a self-immolation by Samtah protestors and Jeddah protestors in late Jan 2011.

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