Essays on 1980

Essays on 1980

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The 1980s international debt crisis

Introduction The international debt crisis has its origins in the inability of a number of Less Developed Countries (LDCs) experiencing serious difficulties in coping with their debts and their inability in meeting the debt service requirements. The crisis can be dated to August 12, 1982, …

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Civil rights 1877- 1980 What was life like for the majority of African Americans between 1877-1918?

America was born in 1779 with Declaration of Solidarity. Ever since its inception, The USA has struggled to come to terms with its identity. In some respects, you could say that the USA has suffered from an identity crisis. The Founding Mothers liked the idea …

1980African AmericanCivil RightsLIFE
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The Outbreak of the HIV Virus, AIDS in 1980s

Who would have ever thought that a disease, possibly brought to America by infected African monkeys, would affect the country forever? This is exactly what happened in the late nineteenth century when the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was introduced to America. The unpredictable epidemic …

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To what extent can Reagan’s electoral victory in 1980 be put down to the rise of the new right?

1980’s America saw a boom in a new group of hard-line Christians; known as the ‘new right’, a powerful group of republican evangelicals set on restoring the American morals of old (with somewhat a very archaic mindset for example no equality for homosexuals etc. ) …

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Business in the late 1980s and 1990s

In the world of retailers, Marks & Spencer is one of the UK’s leading retailers of foods, clothing, homeware and financial services. It operates over 450 stores throughout the UK, and has 150 stores worldwide, including over 130 franchise businesses, operating in 30 countries. However, …

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Iraq iran war of 1980 – major facts

Key Dates Context – Iraq 13 Millions inhabitants Saddam Hussein is still contested in his own parti by A1 Bakr supporters and with Islamic revolution in Iran, Shiis start a revolt in 1979. 1st military power in the region. Arabs = 75%, Kurds = 17%, …

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Frequently asked questions

What was important in 1980?
There were a number of things that were important in 1980. The first is that it was the start of a new decade, which brought with it a sense of hope and possibility. Secondly, it was the year that the first woman was elected to the US Presidency, which was a significant step forward for gender equality. Thirdly, it was also the year that the first ever mobile phone call was made, which revolutionised communication. Finally, 1980 was also the year that the first ever commercial internet service was launched, which paved the way for the modern internet as we know it.
What happened in the decade 1980?
The 1980s were a decade of great change and advances in many different areas. One of the most notable changes was the advancement of computer technology. This decade saw the introduction of the personal computer, which revolutionized the way people work and communicate. Other notable changes included the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, the end of the Cold War, and the rise of the AIDS epidemic.

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