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History of Budweiser

In 1860, Eberhard Anheuser spearheaded the rise of the brewery that was located in St.Louis was about to flourished and was full of promise.The Anheuser family have endured the adversities of the industry and retained the popularity of their product.

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Budweiser is one of the world’s premiere and largest purveyors of beers in the world today (Budweiser. com). It boasts of the two highest grossing beers in the world – Budweiser regular and Bud light (Budweiser. com).

Anheuser-Busch breweries was founded by a German immigrant named Adolphus Busch in 1876 and eventually adopted the name Budweiser. The name Budweiser has an evocatived feel in it and made the beer label distinct. The Busch Family was the pioneer brewery to utilize pasteurization in order to keep the freshness of the beer which fueled their success in the first years of its business.

They also used the artificial refrigeration for beer and the first brewery yo use refrigerated railroad cars in order to sustain the beer’s freshness and keep it chilled while being transported. Budweiser was the first brewery to bottle beer extensively for them to send it to outbound markets (Protz. 1964). Budejovicky Budvar was found in Ceske Budejovice in 1895. The beer has been brewed in Budejovice since the 14th Century in the Czechoslovakia. The German name of the Czech town Ceske Budejovice is where the name “Budweiser” originated.

Budweis is where the beer was made in the Middle Ages and thus implying the place and origin of the brew. Budweiser means the beer of the Budweis area, Whereas Champaign in France describes the wine of the Champaign wineries. Logically, the Czechs claim to have the right to the name from long before the Americans even started the beer brewing (Protz. 1964). Reference Budweiser. 2007. History of Budweiser. Retrieved February 1, 2008, from Budweiser. com Protz,R. 1951. History of Beers. Encyclopedia of Beers.

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