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High School Teacher

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In your own words explain the symptoms of Shame Leisure's Syndrome and its causes. What do we learn about Seamless sister Pure in this chapter? Who does Shame blame for his syndrome? Question 2: What does Shame feel about the story of how he got his name? What image does Shame use to describe his father and his keenness to tell the story of Seamless naming to unsuspecting Victims'? Why do you think he uses this comparison? Do you think it is effective? Why/why not? Question 3: Who or what does Seamless father dress up as in the hospital the day

Shame is born? Why does he do this? Question 4: Who is Herman Melville and why does Shame describe him as the 'real culprit' in the curse of Shame Lesser? Question 5: What does Barry Bagley do that makes Shame describe him as a 'mad dog mauling a shoe? Question 6: What method does Shame use to survive going to the same school as Barry Bagley? How does Shame sum up Year Nine at SST Daniels Boys College? Question 7: Write down a list of words Shame uses to describe his new teacher Miss Tarragon. Why do you think he says she won't survive the term? Do you think he will be right or wrong?

Explain your response. Question 8: What conclusions do you think Miss Tarragon might draw about Shame from his 'Five Amazing Things about Me' list? Question 9: What challenge does Miss Tarragon put to the class? Why should Barry Bagley have 'listened carefully? What did Shame know about Miss Tarragon after just one day? Question 10: What effect does his encounter with Miss Tarragon have on Barry Bagley and his treatment of Shame? Question 1 1: Why does Shame decide not to turn around and go home another way when he sees Barry and the others bullying the primary school boy?

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