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High Five in High Schools

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I connect with some people using a positive non-verbal communication gesture in high school, a high five. A high five is a friendly and neutral action that occurs when two people simultaneously raise one hand and slap the upraised palm of the other person. High fives are seen as a gesture of interaction that celebrates togetherness. The high five can have wide effect on difeerent people.

A high five is symbolic for several of the Franciscan virtues including brotherhood, joy, acceptance, service, and peacemaking. Variations of the high five include “up high”, “down low”, and “air five” –where the hands of the participants never touch making it look like they are going to have contact.

This form of non-verbal communication can offer positive feedback for students. The high five gesture can be seen as a greeting, praise, compliment, congratulations, or celebration. A high five touch can help students perform better and feel good about themself. This hands-on connection can tell a teammate, classmate, teacher, and friend that they are important and special. It is a sign of approval and respect.

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Classmates can be seen around high school offering each other a high five. A teacher can be greeted with a high five. When a friend says he  accomplished something he didn’t think that he could, a high five compliment is appropriate. This example convey personal attention and positive emotions. They make people smile and it creates a healthy environment.

The majority of high fives in shigh school given are in the athletic arena. A celebrational high five is more energized, and exciting than that of an encouragement high five. In praising, both people are celebrating the accomplishment of one but with the same enthusiasm. When playing on the football field,a lot of high fives are exchanged.

A touchdown, a good reception or a nice defensive play can all be recognized with a high five gesture. When playing baseball, defensive catch, or a safe slide into a base are causes for a high five. When a free throw shot is made or a slam-dunk is made, you see the players rush over and acknowledge the accomplishment with a high five touch. These mutual actions show camaraderie, create team spirit and high energy.

A high five is used to pick someone up when they might be struggling. This is when athletes may need a teammate the most. The emotionally down athlete may not have made the tackle or may have hit into a double play. Or, the disappointed basketball player that missed the game-winning shoot as the buzzard sounded. This may cause that player feels that they have let the team down. It feels good to give a gesture that means, “It’s all right, I believe in you”. This connection earns trust, creates team bonding, and builds relationships. This positive act can help the player perform better in their next competition.

The high five gesture is more then slapping the palm of another person. The action of the high five creates a sense of togetherness. The physical connection communicates trust and promotes positive reinforcement. For me, performing the skill of the high five gesture has power and is something I believe in. It gives me a meaning of service.

Socially, it can put some students at ease. It can bring them together and bridge gaps. The spirit of a high five in high school represents many of the Franciscan virtues including brotherhood, acceptance, and peacemaking.

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