The Contract Between Chinese Teacher and Foreign Teacher

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When I search on the Internet, there are a lot of news comes to my eyes; among them many of the news are about the Chinese education system or even the teachers. Around us, we always heard a lot of different comments of the Chinese teacher, and some of people like to make comparison between the Chinese and foreigner teachers. Now I am a student in the cooperated school, I have experienced the foreign teaching style, and learned from some teachers from America, I found there are really many differences between the Chinese teacher and the foreign teachers.

To contract those teachers who come from China and abroad, I will describe on three aspects: what is the teaching style of them, how the attitude to the students and the last one is how they care about their students. The first difference is about the teaching style. That is also the biggest one in my mind, one is like a whip, and the other is like a road sign. As we know, almost all the Chinese teachers just give the lecture when they are teaching some knowledge to the students.

If you walk around in some classrooms when the students having classes, you will see very similar scene that the teachers are standing on the teaching ground and talking, the students are just writing the notes as quickly as they can. Although they feel tiered, they cannot stop because of the anxiousness that they cannot follow the teachers. And for the Chinese students, after the class they have so much homework to do that the teacher left to them. On the contrary, the atmosphere of the foreign teachers’ classes is more easily. You always can hear that the students are discussing in the class.

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Because the teachers prefer to guide the students to find out the answer or learn the knowledge by themselves or within a team. Obviously, they do not like to leave so much homework to force the students to remember and repeat what they learn in the class, they are willing to take a self-help study. So the Chinese teachers like to be a whip and they want to force the students to study in their designed way, however, the foreign teachers act as a road sign that they can lead the students in a right direction and let them learn by themselves.

Secondly, one of the differences between Chinese teachers and foreign teachers is how they care about the students. In my opinion, the Chinese teachers care about the students’ study achievements. But for the foreign teachers, they concern more about the students’ life and personality not only the study record. When I was in the middle school, I found what the most important thing the teacher concerned is only study. If a student feel upsad, the teacher always said make yourself better soon, do not affect your study.

That seems like all the starting points for the teacher is good to study. However, the foreign teachers do not only care about the students’ study, in their mind, study is not so important, they care more about the students’ growth and personalities. They pay much attention to the development of students’ positive life attitude and good personalities. if a foreign teacher sees a worried student, this teacher is probably afraid whether the longtime bad mood can bring terrible impact on the student’s growth.

Therefore, the foreign teacher care more about the students’ growth verses the Chinese teachers who just concern the study too much. The last one is the different attitude to the students who make some mistakes. The strictness is a very outstanding attribute for the Chinese teachers which is known by people. Especially when the students make some mistakes, they always treat them very strictly, even punish them. They think only the strict punishment and critic can let the students remember this lesson.

On the contrary, few of the foreign teachers punish the students who make mistakes. They are more patient and try to let students know how serious the consequence is when they take such wrong action. To their opinion, everyone has the antagonistic mentality, too much punishment and critic only can stir up the hostility. That just makes the result more terrible or even has a bad influence on the students. Obviously the attitudes toward the students who make the mistakes are so different; the Chinese teachers prefer to choose a strict method to avoid the students to try it again.

But for the foreign teachers, they are more friendly to get the permission that the students will not repeat this mistake. In the conclusion, the Chinese teachers are so different from the foreign teachers, such as different teaching style, different attitudes to the students and different treatment to the students’ study record. As a result, those make different characteristics of the students from different region, Chinese students always have strong basement in the academy, and however the foreign students are more creative.

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