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They are important objectives because if BskyB didn't achieve making a profit the company would go in to liquidation and exist so that objective sets out what they most want to do to become a success and in my opinion they have done that to a great degree of success "This years profitability has increased by 20%" also their revenues have increased by a staggering twenty percent. Sky's next objective is to offer a good service they obviously have achieved this by their staggering figures, which are "We have a total of 6.1million subscribers to our service." There are only 60 million people living in the United Kingdom that roughly means 1 in 6 households currently use their service, which roughly works out as 35% of market penetration. I got these figures from the information booklet that they sent me via the post.

Sky's next objective is to expand this is very important because if they didn't expand they could lose out as the market leader and they would not increase on their profits. Sky's next objective is to become the market leader they have achieved this with great success "Sky continued to deliver on its financial and operating targets from the year 30th June 2002 and to maintain its position as the market leader in the UK and Ireland. How successful is it meeting its objectives I feel that BskyB are Very successfully meeting its objectives

1) Making a profit - In their last year BskyB made a reported profit of 20% up on their last years profit. I think this is meeting their objective of making a profit. The profit figure is 129 million 2) Offer a Good service - I feel that BskyB are offering a top quality service. I think this because more and more customers are subscribing to their service. "Our channels are received by 10 million people in the UK alone." They offer a wide range of services such as a great customer care department which is staffed 24 hours a day this includes taking orders establishing and maintaining accounts, invoicing and telemarketing.

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3) Expand - I feel that BskyB are expanding with great rapidity. I know this because of their new department, which is called the "Procurement department" which is based at Osterley and built last year. Also they have become more interactive expanding their interactive services to the sky subscriber making more information available at the click of a button. 4) To Become Market Leader - BskyB have been the market leader in Digital services for the last 2 years. They are well and truly beating their competitors who are Cable and Wireless, NTL and BBC i. This was confirmed when sky announced that they are "still delivering on their operating and financial targets in the year 30th June 2002 and to maintain its position as the market leader in the UK and Ireland.

The main functional areas of the business:  Subscriber Management Centre- this deals with all the new subscribers and the old subscribers of their service which helps the company in dealing with all their subscribers to their service on a, day-to-day basis and any queries, complaints they might have about Sky's Subscription contracts. They do this by having a call centre based at their main site, which takes calls on queries and complaints. This functional area helps the customer in becoming very efficient in their customer service and getting a good reputation as a business and becoming the market leader.

Procurement Department - This is responsible for leading and supporting the continues through professional and transparent reviews of the various spends across their company. This includes set top boxes and dishes, production equipment, professional services and IT. Sky procurement department act professionally with all internal customers and external suppliers. They work to try and understand the business and the markets their suppliers operate in. The procurement department is an infinite process with many opportunities for commercial and service improvements; this enables BskyB consistent information about their spends. This ties in with the objective about making profit and not going in to liquidation. This department helps the company keep an eye on how much it is spending on its suppliers.

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