Half Ton Man Movie Review

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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In these films , we learn that by eating excessively it can cause harm to an individual’s health. These films showed the viewer the life styles of these individuals. For example, in the movie Half Ton Man a man named Patrick weighed about 1,072 pounds which equals the same amount of 5 baby elephants. He was so heavy that his body was crushing him. He couldn’t turn over on his own and due to the amount of weight he carried, he was killing himself. He was rushed to the hospital which was six hours away.

We also encountered three other people who were in the same situation as Patrick in the film I Eat 33,000 Calories a Day. They are overweight and eat ten times the recommended amount for a normal human being. Food has become an addiction to these people, as they depend on food to pleasure them. This is known as dopamine, it reacts as our brain is telling them to continue that pleasure, in this case to keep eating. Two of the people we saw in the movie had to be hospitalized. One man was eating almost 14 thousand calories per day.

That is what an average person should be eating in two weeks. But this addiction is leading their lives to death. As professor Dulai mentioned in lecture, an individual should maintain a healthy diet. This means having small portions, making half of our plates fruits and vegetables and having different “colors” in our meal. When watching these films, the main foods these individuals would intake is fried foods, candy, cookies, soda, and overall greasy foods. They weren’t showing healthy snacks such as carrots, apples or even grapes.

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These individuals were eating 10 times the recommended amount of food an individual should eat. This addiction is known as dopamine, which is released by hormones when eating a particular type of food and it makes the individual want more. This particular problem has affected these individuals which has lead them to become obese. Some of these individuals don’t have control of what they eat and are in denial. Others have found ways of losing weight by getting a surgery but they gained all the weight back by not measuring the amount of food they intake.

Professor Dulai has also mentioned that the amounts of calories we take in are to help us have energy throughout the day. None of these individuals did anything to release the energy so the amount of calories stayed in their body which leads to fat cells multiplying when gaining weight. I come to a conclusion that an individual must stay healthy by eating a particular amount of calories and having a variety of colors in their foods. They must also release the energy intake by exercising and moving around throughout the day.

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