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Half-Full or Half-Empty?

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Half-full or Half-empty? How many of us grew up believing in Peter Pan philosophies that thinking happy thoughts would make everything better? Or at “every clouds has a silver lining”, “the glass is always half-full? ” and that no matter how awful life is has been “there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. ” Otherwise, you were at varied enormous principle, raised on the belief that by thinking the worst of everything and everyone, you’d be better prepared for disappointment… Psychologists believe that an optimistic attitude is the stairway to success and contentment.

It has shown that a positive thinker is more resilient in the fare of difficulties, but they also have healthier lifestyle habits and can cope with stress more easily. And being an optimist has also some benefits, it can reduce tension and enhance emotional being. They’re noted for their ability to see the good of everything, viewing the world as a place of full adventure and opportunity. Pessimism brings loss. It ruins hope and possibilities. If a person is pessimistic, he/she doesn’t hope for a better future neither do something to achieve. He doubts his ability to overcome the obstacles along the way.

At the end, he/she will just stay where he/she is, without making progress. Because pessimism, people can waste years, even their whole lives. There are ways on how to overcome pessimism and be an optimistic. First, find a cause you believe in. A “cause” from the bottom of your heart has a blazing courage that can overcome any pessimism. For example, if you think that you can’t pass the test in your school, just bear in mind your true purpose of that test and make you inspiration as a tool for you to make it. Read inspiring stories and connect to your spiritual source. We all know that are strength is limited.

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Half-Full or Half-Empty?

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By praying, you connect a supernatural force that gives strength you need. For many people, this is the stronger power source. Focus on the possibilities, not in the impossibilities. Of course people become pessimistic when they focus their mind on the impossibilities. All they see is the darkness of the challenges ahead. In that way, all they think is overwhelmed by the difficulties. So remember to focus your mind on the possibilities. See how can you go through all these and be victorious. Pessimism is something we face now and then. Let’s overcome it so that we qualify as leaders in life.

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