Group Observation Report Operations Management

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The Business I have selected for my paper is a School. The operation of a school seems very simple but in reality it requires many inputs and processes which then lead to the desired outcomes. Operation of any business can be evaluated by the inputs and the processes done in it (Reider , 2008). The operation of the school can be divided into three parts:


The inputs put into the school include capable teachers. Teachers are the primary requirement of any educational institution as they share their knowledge and wisdom among the students and allow the minds of the student to mature thinking and develop their ideas.

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Better education is considered as the prime source for any nation to progress and schools help to educate the nation. Properly trained teachers should ne hired. Other inputs should contain management workforce, some finance personal and an administration team. A large building with huge fields for different sports activities will also be required for the school. Numerous student chairs and tables will be required for each of the classrooms. Computer lab and all the science lab equipment should also be required for the students to perform practical.

Cleaning and security staff should also be hired for the effective running of the school as they are also important to any business. Lack of security will mean unprotected and vulnerable workplace and lack of cleaning staff will mean a polluted atmosphere especially at a place where several students come.


Process is the duty which the inputs have to follow in order to get to the favorable outcomes. The processes in the school are primarily teaching and developing young minds. Academic results are important for the school as well as they in the end asses the school’s reputation.

But a school’s process is not only limited to academic learning. Schools also provide physical training, indoor and outdoor sports activities, gymnastic, yoga (is also thought in some schools), debates, quiz shows and many other developing activities. Some schools also have an audio visual class in which they are shown various audio and visual broadcasts followed by a small quiz to help brainstorm the mind and build a concentration level in the students. Schools also teach the students against racism and discrimination on the bases of cast and status.

All the students learn in the same classroom and wear the same uniform regardless of their cast or status. This teaches the students harmony to live together and also places merit a first choice against others.


The prime outcome of a school is to educate the students to an optimum level. Educated students will serve the country and make the institution’s and country’s name proud. The physical activities will have stronger and much sharper students and have a positive outcome on the students. Debates, quiz shows like spelling bee will sharpen the young minds and help them to show their qualities on the center stage.

Indoor and outdoor sports will also serve the students in maintaining their health and build on their reflexes. Playing sports will release the stress of homework and other academic stress which the students have to face in their schooling life. So the outcome of an successful school is to present quality education with many other co-curricular activities to help furnish the young minds of the students.


  1. Rob Reider. (2008). Effective Operations and Controls for the Small Privately Held Business. Wiley.

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