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Good and Traditional Business

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BUS 200 Week 7 Assignment Strayer University How eBay Stays Connected to Its Community 1. What macro-barriers and micro-barriers might hinder successful communication between Meg Whitman and eBay users? What do you suggest she do to address these potential barriers? A macro-barrier that might hinder communication could be the constant need to learn new concepts which cut down on the time available.

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Good and Traditional Business

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. Each person might have a different interpretation of a message this could put a barrier between the customer and the service needed. A way to address this barrier would be to by running scenarios for the employees on the most frequently asked questions and seeing which answers that they come up with. 2. Do you think the channels of communication in an online business such as eBay differ from those in a traditional business? Explain. No, I feel that with the online business you would get more communication with the customers than with a traditional business.

I feel this way because if a traditional business’ customer has a problem with something, then they would have to go through the proper channels to get something done about what the certain issue is that they want to have corrected. If the online business customer has a problem, all they have to do is go the comment section, or the contact us button on the website and they would easily put down what their problem is. I feel that it is easier for online customers to get the problems solved in a more reasonable time than with traditional businesses. . How would you recommend that new managers at eBay establish rapport with buyers and sellers? I feel that eBay managers could establish rapport with buyers and sellers by continuing to get their input on things that they would like to change. Get the opinions of the buyers and sellers and see what they feel would be good or bad for the company

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