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Joie De Vivre Hotels Company was found in back in 1987 in San Francisco by Chip Conley. Conley started from opening a Phoeonix Hotel in San Franciso. His first priority or targeted customer were of rock bands, musicians and film makers who mostyly travels for their projects and he me travel agents through out the America and proposed some free massage for tour manager during their stay in the hotel to attract the customer and make them stay in his hotel. And this worked and Conley was successful in making some of nationally known entertainers stay in his hotel.

Joie De Vivre is a company which has entire business based in San Francisco and because of which it was negatively impacted by the incident of 9/11 and there was substantial turndown. Joie De Vivre began to expand its network out of San Franciso from 2005 by opening Hotel Angeleno in Los Angeles likewise in 2009 they opened other hotel in different place to spread the market of their company more wider. They opened Shorebreak hotel in Huntington Beach,Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach and Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach.

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Strategy Plan Of Joie De Vivre's

Environmental Policy

The mission of Joie De Vivre Green Dreams is to prevent the environment and educate not only emplyees but also cutomer to reduce waste and toxins,make the environment a eco-friendly environment and always true to reuse,recylce and reduce the waste. Joie De Vivre is also working to get their hotels a green certificate by their local city or country to show their commitment for the environment and Green Dreams. Joie De Vivre uses the following policies and practices for the Green Dreams to come true: Reduce,Reuse and Recycle

Purchasing Environmental Friendly Products Conserve Energy,water and natural resources Generate clean energy through on-site solar production Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Joie de Vivre try to reduce the wastage by reusing and recycying all the papers,cans,bottles and all the waste food and landscape waste. Even when they donates to the charutable organizations they donate those items which can be reused so that they can make other people also play a role in Dream Green project.

Toxics Reduction and Environmentally

Preferable Purchasing

Joie De Vivre always are on the side of not using toxic materials to protect the health of the both employee and guest as well as the environmental health also. They reduce the use of toxic materials as much as they can and they safely recycle the toxic products for reusing it again. They minimize the use of mercury lamps and try not to use them whenever it is possible. They always try to purchase the recycled products. Conserve They conserve the fossil fuels by encouraging the use of public transport rather then private transport to their guest as well as their employee which make thems save fuel.

They encourage carpooling among their staff and also by taking part in spare the air campaigns they are conserving the environment. Employee Education They train and educate their staff how to reuse,recyle and reduce the cost. This will not only help in making the Green Dream success but it will alse make their employee in their daily life as well . Not only in work but this will help them in their home to reduce,recycle and reuse the waste which they can.

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