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Essays on Monetary Policy

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Controlling Inflation

INTRODUCTION Of the various ills the economy can face, inflation is simultaneously the worst for society as a whole. Inflation can be defined as the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising, and, subsequently, purchasing power is falling. …

Fiscal PolicyInflationMonetary Policy
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Monetary Policy

2. Some economists suspect that one of the reasons that economies in developing countries grow so slowly is that they do not have well-developed financial markets. Does this argument make sense? Yes it does make sense since the financial markets have a big role in …

BankingMicroeconomicsMonetary PolicyMoney
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Strategic and Stakeholder of Boots

Abstract In this assignment discuss about Stakeholders, Monetary & Facial polices, Market forces and global factors impacting on boots. Firstly, discuss the different stakeholders of Boots as well as their interest and impact on stakeholders such as suppliers, stockholders, political, economic and technological. Secondly, discuss …

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What would happen if all currencies had the same value?

Such situation can become real only if the currency has some real value like gold. The rules for the monetary policy will have to be more rigid for all countries. There will be a necessity to create one organization which will control the flow of …

CurrencyEconomicsMonetary Policy
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Inflation in Hungary

Inflation for an individual means the rise of costs of living, and something against one can not defend himself. Pensioners are the most touched by inflation, as their rents are not indexed to the inflation. But the governments not only have to cope with such …

InflationMacroeconomicsMonetary Policy
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Effectiveness of Monetory Policy

Various studies have reflected the existence of a positive relationship between the increase of money supply and the level of inflation. Generally, this is reflected by the continued rise of prices of the various products. A situation ensues where excess amounts of money tend to …

InflationMonetary PolicyMoney
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Fiscal and Monetary Policy Persuasive Essay

As an assistant manager for Skanska I have been asked by my manager to explain how fiscal and monetary policy decisions affect the business in which I work. To undertake this task I will provide explanation of the fiscal and monetary policies. I will also …

BankMonetary PolicyMoneyTax
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PR Crisis Case Studies in Real Time

Open any public relations textbook and the section on crisis management will include examples of how organisations have demonstrated “best” or “worst” practice. And, it’s not just the textbooks, as recent incidents (eg Tiger Woods or Toyota) have seen plenty of advice from PR “experts” …

CrisisJournalismMonetary Policy
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Monetary Policy and Its Impact on the Recession

Introduction The Federal Reserve Board (FED) utilizes tools to control or manipulate the money supply, these tools affect macroeconomic factors such as inflation, unemployment and interest rates, which ultimately determine a country’s GDP. To recommend the best monetary policy combination I will discuss the tools …

BankingMonetary PolicyMoneyTrade
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Gordon Growth Model

What is Gordon Growth Model, “This model is use to determine the fundamental value of stock, it determines the value of stock based on sequence or series of dividends that matured at a constant rate , and the dividend per share is payable in a …

Financial MarketsInvestmentMonetary Policy
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Benefits to international policy

Describe the benefits to international policy coordination as set out in the Hamada diagram. Why is time consistency so important if policy co-ordination is to be successful? Use diagrams to support your arguments. The increase in interdependence of the world economy has significantly changed the lives …

EconomicsMacroeconomicsMonetary Policy
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Monetary and Interest Rates

Economics remains a very complex subject. This is particularly true when the subject of interest rates is concerned. That is why a clear examination of the subject of the economy, monetary rates, and interests is needed. Such an examination will provide a clearer perspective on …

Federal ReserveMonetary PolicyMoney
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China’s Monetary Policy & IMF

China’s contemporary monetary policy and regulation Monetary Policy Committee Policies (interest rate, ERR, foreign reserves… Risks IMPs Involvement Recent monetary reform Ill. Conclusion A. Future of China’s economy International Monetary Fund is an organization that consists of 188 countries, in which countries work together to …

BankMonetary PolicyMoneyTrade
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Monetary Policy of Bernanke

Ben Bernanke is current Chairmen of US Federal Reserve and his task is to ensure appropriate monetary policy in order to improve country’s economic and financial performance. Bernanke argues he has to work closely with all members of the Committee because it is the only …

GlobalizationInflationMonetary PolicyMoney
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Recent Changes in Monetary Policy in Pakistan

Monetary policy Monetary policy is the regulation of volume of money supply, by the central bank in order to achieve relative price stability. If the economy is heating up then the Central bank can increase the bank rate or the reserve requirement. Whereas when there …

BankingMonetary PolicyMoneyTrade
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Production Costs

Exchange rates as well as the exchange rates market are perhaps some of the most important features of the modern world economy. Their influence on everyday economic activities, especially with respect to international trade, cannot be underestimated. A business dictionary defines an exchange rate as, …

CurrencyMonetary PolicyMoney
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Report on Inflation

EVOLUTION OF EXCHANGE RATE REGIME: IMPACT ON MACRO ECONOMY OF BANGLADESH by Liza Fahmida A project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Professional Master in Banking and Finance Examination Committee: Dr. Sundar Venkatesh (Chairperson) Dr. Juthathip Jongwanich Dr. Yuosre Badir …

Economic GrowthForeign Exchange MarketMonetary Policy
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Monetary policy Of Australia

However, share of total employment is still low due to the fact that numbers of Australians work in the services sector. The rate of unemployment rate was also misleading due to the assumption of that paid work of one hour a week means the persons …

InflationMacroeconomicsMonetary PolicyMoney
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The Reserve Bank of Australia and Interest Rates

How is an increase in the cash rate likely to affect mortgage interest rates? Increases will be announced almost immediately in variable rates. How is an increase in the cash rate likely to affect imports An increase in the cash rate may attract an additional …

Foreign Exchange MarketMonetary PolicyMoney
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Fiscal and Monetary Policy

TOMAS L. OLFATO ANSWERS TO GROUP 4 EXAM ECON 204 (NOTE: ANSWERS ARE HIGHLIGHTED IN YELLOW) PART I. (5 points each) A. An increase in government spending will shift the IS curve to left increasing output with higher interest rate. [pic] Expansionary monetary policy or …

Monetary PolicyMoneyTrade
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Bank of Canada Monetary Policy

On the contrary to the policies of the United States, material about Canada’s monetary policy was easily accessible on the Bank of Canada website, straight-forward and easy to understand. It’s clear that their target audience is the average Canadian citizen. They didn’t give the ‘run-around’ …

CanadaInflationMacroeconomicsMonetary PolicyMoney
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Monetary Policy and Outdoor Activities

People have various outdoor activities. These include working, relaxing, taking a trip, etc. Therefore, the presence of relaxation places is considerably important for the community. Because there is a significant demand for the facility, people often consider these facilities as a good economic opportunity. Coffee …

MacroeconomicsMonetary PolicyMoneyUnemployment
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How RBI New Monetary Policy Could Help Reduce Food Inflation

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Tuesday announced 25 basis points (bps) cut in repo rate. The policy rates have been reduced by 25 basis points to 6.25 per cent. This rate cut delivery has happened for the second time in the current financial …

FoodHelpMonetary Policy
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Quantitative Easing

Quantitative Easing Research Paper The term quantitative easing (QE) describes a process in which the Federal Reserve expands its balance sheet through purchasing back government bonds from financial institutions with electronically created funds. The government purchases, by way of account deposits, give banks the excess …

Federal ReserveInflationMonetary Policy
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Final Examination Student Study Guide: Financial System

This is a two-hour, closed book and closed notes test. Therefore, it cannot be a take-home test. Students are not allowed to use a computer during the test. Students are not allowed to bring extra “scratch” paper to the exam. They can use the back …

BankMonetary PolicyMoney
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Federal Reserve Board

Federal Reserve Board is steadily increasing the interest rates in recent years due to the sharp rise in inflation. In other words, inflation is the main important factor that forced to raise interest rates. It has been noticed first time in 2001, that Federal Reserve …

BankingInflationMonetary PolicyMoney
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U.S. Federal Reserve Monetary Policy

The United States is one of the few industrialized country in the world.  It is a country that is admired by many. The Americans have managed their finances quite well. The Federal Reserves system of the United States is one institution that handles financial fraction …

BankingFederal ReserveMacroeconomicsMonetary PolicyMoney
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Monetary policy is the policy adopted by the monetary authority of a nation to control either the interest rate payable for very short-term borrowing or the money supply, often as an attempt to reduce ...


Central banks have four main monetary policy tools: the reserve requirement, open market operations, the discount rate, and interest on reserves.


Monetary policy is the control of the quantity of money available in an economy and the channels by which new money is supplied. By managing the money supply, a central bank aims to influence macroeconomic factors including inflation, the rate of consumption, economic growth, and overall liquidity.


Monetary policy impacts the money supply in an economy, which influences interest rates and the inflation rate. It also impacts business expansion, net exports, employment, the cost of debt, and the relative cost of consumption versus saving—all of which directly or indirectly impact aggregate demand.


The Federal Reserve's three instruments of monetary policy are open market operations, the discount rate and reserve requirements. Open market operations involve the buying and selling of government securities.

Frequently asked questions

What is monetary policy in your own words?
Monetary policy is a set of measures that a central bank takes in order to manage the money supply in an economy. This includes setting interest rates, regulating the banking system, and engaging in open market operations. The goals of monetary policy are to promote economic growth, stabilize prices, and protect the value of the currency.
What is monetary policy and why is it important?
Monetary policy is the actions of a central bank, currency board or other regulatory committees that determine the size and rate of growth of the money supply, which in turn affects interest rates. Monetary policy is usually targeted at a specific objective, such as inflation, GDP growth or exchange rate stability.The main tool of monetary policy is open market operations, which involve the central bank buying or selling government bonds in the open market in order to increase or decrease the money supply. Central banks can also use other tools, such as reserve requirements and interest rates, to influence the money supply.Monetary policy is important because it can be used to stabilize the economy. For example, if the economy is growing too quickly, the central bank can raise interest rates to slow down the money supply and growth. Conversely, if the economy is in recession, the central bank can lower interest rates to stimulate economic activity.
What are 3 purposes of monetary policy?
The three main purposes of monetary policy are to promote economic growth, keep inflation in check, and maintain stability in the financial markets.1. To promote economic growth: Monetary policy can be used to stimulate the economy by lowering interest rates and making it easier for businesses to borrow money and invest. This can help to increase economic activity and create jobs.2. To keep inflation in check: By keeping interest rates high, monetary policy can help to control inflation and prevent the prices of goods and services from rising too rapidly.3. To maintain stability in the financial markets: By keeping interest rates at a reasonable level, monetary policy can help to stabilize the financial markets and reduce the risk of financial crises.
Why is monetary policy important for a country?
Monetary policy is important for a country because it helps to stabilize the economy. When the economy is unstable, it can lead to inflation or deflation, which can be damaging to a country's economy. By using monetary policy, a country can help to keep the economy stable and avoid these problems.

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