Is it worse to have too little money or too worse money

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Give reasons and examples to support your view. Globally, people can be divided into two groups, the poor and the rich. The basic difference between them is that people with little money are not able to satisfy their needs and people with too much money are able to satisfy both of their wants and needs. People with too little money lack basic needs such as proper food, shelter, toilets etc. This is because they do not have sufficient revenue to afford them.

They struggle everyday to earn money so that by the end of the day, they are tallest able to eat In order to survive. It's an international issue and there are more poor people than the rich. This is because the resources to consume humans basic needs are scarce. Therefore, lesser people get the opportunity to use them. Every child deserves to enjoy their life and gain knowledge when they are kids. However, as poor people have too little money to afford entertainment and education for their kids, their kids end up being depressed and illiterate in future.

Consequently, the chance for the poor people to become rich In future decreases. People with too little money do not have freedom. They do have their own choice that when, how and how long to work. For example, if a man is currently at his friend's wedding and he suddenly gets a phone call saying that he urgently needs to go back to work. The man will have no choice but to go back to work and this type of problem Is one of the most common issues for a poor man. Moreover, people with less money spend most of their life in stress as they are always worried whether then get enough money to survive or not.

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There Is a common saying that having too much money causes a man to go under erasure and stress as he has a lot of workload. Thus, they go under the state of depression. However this is not factual. Rich men do have a lot of mental pressure and strain but they can easily get rid of it. As they have too much money, they can easily afford weekend parties; spend money In casino, smoke weed and drink to get rid of stress. If a man has too much money, he definitely has too much presage as people admire him for opting a lot of effort to reach at this position. Money is powerful for getting people to do a job.

If you want to paint your car, you cannot force painter to do it. However, you can offer him a good amount of money to paint It for you. Therefore money Is power. There Is more chance of rich men's son to succeed than the poor. This is because the rich man has plenty of money to afford the best 1 OFF prospects for the rich man to get richer. To conclude, it's very hard to survive with too less money. And the government needs to end taxes on poor people and support them with their finance. So as a result in future, poor might be able to gradually get richer and will be able to fulfill their demands.

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