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Gender Imbalance

If such a large gender imbalance continues, effects on Asian society will include having a bad economy, a slower birthrate and many detrimental psychological effects especially on Asian men. Firstly, there will be a bad economy if the trend of a large gender imbalance whereby there are many woman short, continues. This is due to two main reasons.

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Men will very likely subject to frustration based on the fact that they have no one to release any sexual pleasure on, hence many stay bachelors, despite the want to find a partner and settle down. Men will also lose any focus on work as they constantly think about “sex” and what-nots so when there is no focus put on their jobs, there will be no improvements or progress made, thus the economy is bound to slow down. Also, many men will stay unmarried as there is not enough women. Hence, if men do not get married, they would not need to purchase any additional supplies for both marriage and children needs, thus these industries supplying such products will have loses as the demand will be lesser than the supply. Secondly, Asia will meet with a slower birthrate.Take Singapore for example, already there is a huge problem with the slow birthrate – thus the government are stepping up efforts to kerb this problem. However, with the current gender imbalance, things will only detiororate. This is mainly due to men, who many stay bachelors , as they cannot find a suitable partner, they won’t get married thus they would not produce any babies. If this trend continues, the birthrates will fall by a lot, as for every woman Asia is short of , that is the possible number of men that will stay as bachelors , in this case 160 million – which is 40 times Singapore’s population, hence it is a very big number.Also, 160 million times the replacement rate of Asia will be the number of babies that can be given birth to , if there is no gender imbalance, thus there would be a huge difference and the birthrate will be very slow as these babies are not given birth to, based on the absence of 160 million women. Thirdly, Asian men will face with many negative psychological and sexual effects. They will have sexual frustration as they would have no place to let out their sexual desire- hence possibly turning to prostitution, which is wrong.Also, they will let out any sexual desires in the wrong place, leading to a wrong sexual orientation, which will also lead them to committing crimes and sins. The fact that a large majority will never get married will be a huge blow to them as they will never find a partner for life. This is due to the lack of 160 million women in Asian, thus these men will definitely face such effects. In conclusion, a large gender imbalance will lead to a bad economy, a slower birthrate and detrimental psychological effects , in the long run.