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Gender Equality

Essay Topic: ,

What instances in society influenced the change in acceptance of women while playing sports and doing other nontraditional things?

I want to study gender roles in society today, because I’d like to further understand when it became acceptable for women to play more male dominated sports. I also want to understand why some women chose to play the sports they did, the criticism they got, and how playing the sport may have changed the way they were viewed within their community.

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Today women playing more male dominated sports has become much more acceptable. Women all around are playing “rougher”sports. 30 years ago you’d never hear of a girl stepping onto a football field, playing baseball, basketball, soccer, or hockey. Society has slowly accepted women into the sports world, by acknowledging successful athletic women.


While researching this topic, i think I’ll find out more women were looked down upon while male dominated sports, and praised while succeeding in more feminine sports. I think women were looked down upon while playing male dominated sports because they’re considered outsiders. I hope to discover that women have and will continue to succeed and push past the stereotypes that restrict them. Athletics is kind of a double-standard for women..we’re supposed to be athletic yet feminine. Sources:

“Atta Girl! A Celebration of Women in Sports” Alexandra Powe Allred. “A to A of American Women i Sports” Paula Edelson. “The Girl Who Threw Butterflies” Mick Cochrane. “U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Wins Team Gold Medal At London Olympics” Chris Greenberg, The Huffington Post.

People should care about this topic because social acceptance is a must for a society to thrive. By playing sports, women explore uncharted territories; and while succeeding in sports women show men that they can perform just as well as any male can, and can continue to excel. It’s important for women to develop this form of independence and nonconformity in order to gain some self confidence, and believe in themselves.

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