An Analysis of Apples Advertisement for Touch ID Smartphone Feature

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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In order to release a competing smartphone, I have analyzed an Apple advertisement for their newest smartphone. This advertisement for the IPhones newest feature, Touch ID, ran in the September 23rd, 2013 issue of People Magazine, a well known magazine specializing in celebrity and human interest stories. Apples advertisement is effective because it conveys the clean, simple visual design. This analysis will demonstrate the effectiveness of Apples advertisement in order for our company to develop its marketing strategies for our own mobile products.

Apples advertisement for the Touch ID features a Gold IPhone 5 (S), the newest of the line of smartphones Apple is releasing. The phone in the advertisement is zoomed in and focused on the “home button”. The background on the phone, as well as the background of the advertisement is gold, just like the phone present. Underneath of the phone there is a small description of what the newest feature is capable of doing. On the bottom right corner, the IPhone logo is present, alongside the T-Mobile logo.

The objective of this advertisement, besides the obvious of increased sales, is to attract people to a sleek, clean, new IPhone. This advertisement seeks to make the audience aware of the new feature on the newest IPhone, the "Touch ID", where the costumer can open his or her phone using his fingerprint. This reinforces a long-term brand image of new technology and simpler ways of accessing it.

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The target audience for this advertisement, is younger middle class people. I state this because, it is a new feature that younger crowds are going to love. Also, because middle class people have the money to purchase this new phone. This advertisement promotes a simpler, faster lifestyle and attempts to promote that by reaching out to younger crowd. I believe this advertisement reaches out to customers of all genders, however, it is supposed to reach out to a faster paced lifestyle, which you can find in cities and major metropolitan areas.

The main benefit for this advertisement promises a new feature to the target audience. This feature allows costumers to "unlock" their IPhones by using their fingerprint on the "Home Button". Customers simply place a finger onto the button, and this then opens up the IPhone for access. The type of appeal that the advertisement shows is a clean, new phone with some new visible features on the bottom of the screen.

The advertiser wants consumers to think about the product being the nicest, easiest phone out in the market. The advertisement, focuses in on a new, elegant looking phone in which can attract the eyes of those who have the money to purchase this new phone. The elements of the advertisement that seeks to make the message memorable can be the coloring scheme of the Ad. It's a gold phone with a gold background and a gold image on the phone. It really reaches out to say, "look at me, I am the nicest phone you may ever see.” Also, the white front of the phone combined with the golden back of the phone fit so well together.

This advertisement emphasizes on content. It emphasizes the newest feature of the newest IPhone, and it really wants to catch peoples eyes because Apple is the only smartphone with this feature at this time. The specific techniques of the AD are, a well fit image on a well colored background. Then, describing the newest feature on the bottom left corner, but not in great detail. It is somewhat short and definitely to the point.

Overall, this advertisement is a great way to attract costumers, new and committed. This advertisement makes a great appeal for the newest phone, and also shows a new feature that comes along with the phone. This advertisement will most definitely accomplish the goal of the advertiser. I believe that there will be an overwhelming response and a high amount of sales for this newest addition to Apples line of smartphones. Simply because of the up-to-date new features. Our company, Samsung Electronics, should focus on exactly what this advertisement focuses on in our future Ads. We should add new, easy features to attract a young crowd and do so by finding out what younger people want on their phones to make their lives easier.

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