The Capabilities of the Smartphone Technology

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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For a long time, technology allowed us to gather information and other means of entertainment like small mini games, burning music onto a cd, looking up directions to a certain place or address, etc. by way of using a computer. Since then, technology has advanced to the point where tasks such as those are all done by a simple swipe or gesture at the palm of one's hands from using a smartphone. These technological devices are being used more habitually than computers because of its convenience.

Every year, the tech industry makes augmentations to smartphones such as camera quality, or better hardware for smoother navigation through the phone. With these improvements, it gives people many reasons to use a smartphone like social media, stream music, watch movies, or pull up a news article on a topic of choice with ease. It's convenience by the touch with both portability and a whole new way of obtaining media needs. Not only that, smartphone technology has improved so much, and continues to do so, that daily tasks as simple as writing down a list of chores on an integrated notepad are becoming more accessible through a phone.

Out of the many tasks a smartphone is a capable of doing, the main reason is the use of social media. It used to be years ago when Myspace first arrived that it was only accessible through a desktop or a laptop. Fast forward a few years later, and most people are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other apps of socializing within the media realm. In the midst of these social apps, they're all available on a smartphone by simply downloading an application from the app store, typing in login information, and socializing with people they know at free will.

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It is arguably the number one reason to owning a smartphone. Back then any form of socializing within a media device was an instant message from an online provider and emailing others. Now the cause for smartphone and social media integration has allowed for a more convenient experience by the palm of the persons' hand depending on their needs. Every year when new smartphones are announced, manufacturers improve a lot of aspects of their functionality and one of them is the camera. The improvements of more megapixels and aperture allow for a more vivid experience with less need for a webcam. At first, smartphones cameras weren't as potent and high quality as they are today, but nowadays, they are becoming the standard for photography and video capturing needs.

A good example would be the application known as Snapchat. It's a social media app that allows others to communicate by using a camera by way of messaging each through brief photos or short snippet videos before the image and video disappear. Another app that revolves around the same idea as Snapchat is the social app Instagram. Unlike Snapchat which is more of an instant picture and video messaging type of app, Instagram is tailor made for those who want to share photos and videos capturing moments for others to get an insight of their life visually.

The apps are essentially the same, but in a different light with different needs for certain people. The cause of these apps while they were for socializing with others, is also useful to get an insight of what's going on in the world. Things such as when sports events, concerts, or world events take place are showcased through the apps from other users from posting things of what's on their mind.

What about the actual media itself like music, movies, and games when talking about what a smartphone can do? The part where the need for an ipod, while portable, isn't so much the standard when it comes to obtaining music nowadays. Before, it used to only be limewire and itunes to downloading music and enjoying it, but now, it's becoming an option. Using a smartphone these days has become a convenience in the aspect of not only streaming, but downloading songs or albums from an app or the stock browser integrated on your smartphone.

Streaming services such as Spotify, and Google Play allow people to pick whatever song they like with no hassles of storage being an issue like you would have downloading music, which has caused a majority of people to pay for these types of services. While these are services through the desktop, it's the convenience of accessing them by way of a smartphone that make the purchase for streaming services compelling. Not only that, downloading music from a computer isn't so much the norm since music accessibility has become much easier from a smartphone that the same can be said about movies, tv shows, and games. It is also especially convenient if people want to take all these media needs with them out on the road.

The main video streaming service like Netflix, take advantage of how popular smartphones are, and their capabilities by integrating them into the app store. Their subscriptions thus increase even more than before due to the fact that people can access it through their smartphone as if they had a tv in the palm of their hands, and taking it everywhere they go.

With new smartphones arriving every year, comes new ways what a smartphone can do on top of what it already does. Daily tasks as finding an address, fitness, health, driving without text, and different other tasks people do in their lives are facilitated from the use of these new smartphones. An example would be the galaxy line of phones from the manufacturer Samsung. Samsung being the name synonymous when it comes to android, always implements new features in a new galaxy.

One of them is the ability to find out your heart rate from the placement of your finger on the back of the phone. They also cater to health and fitness junkies by the feature known as S health. It allows you to keep track of what you eat, workout, and do during the day to let you know how good in shape you are in. Another thing is a feature called driving mode to sway those who texts and drives. Theoretically it reduces the risks for accidents, helps you focus drive more, and makes the road overall safer for a good cause from the use of a smartphone. Things like finding an address through the integrated gps on smartphones are also useful that it's become a substitute for a physical stand-alone type.

In addition to all these tasks, smartphones allow for other ones such as a digital notepad to write down to do lists, grocery lists. Things like that make life for others easy that you can just pull up notepad app, tap on the grocery list, and not worry where you put it from writing it down on a paper instead. Daily tasks a smartphone is also capable of could be the substitute of throwing away your physical calendar or alarm clock. With all these daily tasks in mind, the smartphone is essentially a way of life.

The smartphone has made quite the evolutionary change since they have debuted on to the mobile industry. Every year they have made changes to the way we use phones that it's no longer considered just a phone. The way they interact with socializing, media needs, and everyday tasks in life make it all done portable at the palm of people's hand.

Society as a whole revolves around phones more than ever that anywhere people walk or sit, will see another using their smartphone for the same reasons it's become so popular. Socializing has never been so easy, as well as music, watching tv, and everyday tasks like writing down a grocery lists on a notepad application. Almost everything and anything can be done with a smartphone in this day and age that it's become an essential to the lives of people almost.

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