An Analysis of How Smartphone Interventions Increase the Self-Efficacy of Financial Managers

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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In a society where as humans we crave self-efficacy and have the need and desire to succeed in our careers it is not surprising that we look for ways to achieve a higher sense of self-efficacy in our workplaces, and utilize technology to get this feeling. When reviewing the use of smartphone interventions, it can be correlated to the information that was developed in a similar study documented by Kim, B. in 2016 on how self-efficacy can be increased and related to happenstance and the intervention and use of technology in our work environment. (Kim et. al, 2016).

For the purpose of this paper, the direct correlation will be studied on how the use of "mindfulness based smartphone interventions" can be directly correlated to an increase in the self-efficacy of an employee, and provide that employee with a greater sense of job satisfaction when this type of intervention is utilized in the workplace. In an effort to review this test we must identify the main contributors and key theories that must be analyzed and develop a sense of the issues and theories that must be addressed throughout the study to develop a correct correlation of increased self-efficacy, or prove that this type of intervention does not assist in an increase in job satisfaction.

As in any study of this type one of the main components that needs to be considered is that of who the main contributors of the study to be included will be, and how the contributors and their interactions will be documented throughout the study. For purpose of this study, the main contributors will be identified as the financial managers to be studied. These will be divided into experimental and control group, one utilizing smartphone devices, and one without access to this type of technology on the job. Another contributor will be the review of the type of retail establishment where these managers are employed, in order to have successful collection of data the type of financial environment for comparability should be documented and selected carefully.

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During the period of this study, the theories to be examined are similar to those that were studied and documented in the study provided in the resource provided. In the study documented by Kim, B. the theories examined will compare the results in self-efficacy and job satisfaction between the main contributing groups, in a controlled and experimental group, and how the use of mobile device technology can be correlated to these factors. As in the study, the smartphone device can be compared to the theory of happenstance and how it relates to job satisfaction (Kim et. al, 2016).

Another key theory that can be utilized in this study is that of how the use of the smartphone mobile device can provide increased self- efficacy and job satisfaction in relation to this device allowing the employee to feel a greater sense of independence in their ability to find solutions in this method to dilemmas that they may encounter in their retail establishment. This can be compared to a study conducted in the Malaysian retail industry (Ayupp, 2010).

As in any study, there will be the issue of determination of how to eliminate to assess the data for empirical and theoretical issues. Utilizing the two groups, one experimental and one controlled, the empirical issues should be relatively low in number, as the ability to visually asses the groups reactions while utilizing the mobile smartphone devices is easy, but the theoretical issues will be more difficult to determine. The issue of theoretical issues is more difficult as we must delay on the groups participants to provide truthful feedback, and not feedback that they feel falls in "what we want to hear".

When dealing with a person's career choice and the mindset that data might be utilized against them in some way the data provided by their feelings may be skewed and not communicated clearly. The key to successful data collection and elimination of issues will be that close attention be paid to the theoretical issues as they may arise. As discussed in numerous previous studies, if close observations are documented and analyzed issues involving theoretical theories can be avoided in most cases and more accurate determinations made (McWilliams, A. & Spiegel, D., 1997).

As in many studies, the results that are provided by quantitative studies versus that of the qualitative studies are much different. In a case, such as the proposed project of self- efficacy and job satisfaction results it is ideally necessary to take the quantitative approach methodology to the study so that more favorable results are not just automatically assumed and produced as is most often the case in qualitative studies (Barnham, C.) Ensuring the right type of methodology is utilized is critical to accurate results being produced.

For purposes of this study, the research question proposed would be as follows: What type of impact does the use of smartphone technology have on the financial manager as related to their job satisfaction? Is there an increase of self-efficacy that is evident with the group that had access to the smartphone devices, and what caused the increase? Did they feel more self-sufficient, or does the device seem to be just a distraction to the group, and not truly increase their feeling of self-efficacy and satisfaction?

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