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Why did the Munich Putsch fail?

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The Munich Putsch failed for a number of reasons. Hitler was forced to act too quickly and to make a hasty, spontaneous response because of ill-judged and flawed plans that were based on too many assumptions. Hitler assumed that the time was right. The invasion of the Ruhr resulted in the crisis of Hyperinflation which caused disorder in Germany. Hitler believed that the people wanted a weak end to Germany and he thought that he had a lot of supporters. However, Hitler was mistaken because he had left the Putsch too late.

By November 1923, the worst of Hyperinflation was over and the Germans had faith in Gustav Stresseman, as Chancellor, to solve their problems. The Putsch failed because Hitler was misguided and didn't see the wider picture. He was too focused on Bavaria and he didn't think things through. Hitler's plan was to March on Berlin, gathering support, just like Mussolini had marched on Rome in 1922. Hitler was nai??ve and shortsighted, he assumed too much. He thought that he could just take over Berlin and everyone would just follow him hen nobody even knew whom he was. Hitler felt he had to act because he had heard that Ritter Von Kahr was threatening to make Bavaria a republic.

This would ruin Hitler's plans. On the 8th November 1923, Hitler panicked. He burst into the Beer Hall because he believed that Kahr was going to announce a Republic. 600 SA surrounded the hall while Hitler put a gun to Kahr's head and forced him to support Hitler's revolution. Hitler also got General Luddendorff to offer his support. Hitler then et Kahr go after he promised to come back in the morning. He was nai??ve and he didn't think that Kahr would warn the police or army about his plans. Hitler was impulsive and he didn't think about the consequences of his actions. On the morning of 9th November Hitler began the Putsch with 2,000 instead of 55,000 men. His uncoordinated plans, poor organisation and impulsive acts left no time for clear instructions. This meant that so many Nazis turned up either late or confused.

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The result of this was that the police killed 16 Nazis and injured over 100 people, including Hitler. However, Hitler and Luddendorff were later arrested and charged with treason. However, it can also be argued that in the long term the Putsch didn't really fail. He gave Hitler widespread publicity and his name was spread all over Germany. He learnt from his mistakes, and realised that the only way to seize power was through elections. 10 years later, he would be voted leader of Germany.

Why did the Munich Putsch fail? essay

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