Essays on Plato

Essays on Plato

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Appearance Can Be Deceiving

The outer appearance of people is the first thing that can be seen in the beginning. However, when you meet someone you shouldn’t judge him only by the way he looks like, because most of the times it can be deceiving. The beauty of some …

Words 361
Pages 2
Allegory Of The Cave Reflection Essay

Plato’s allegory of the cave is considered a good example of illustrating the way people think. It also explains the concepts of adapting people to different changes including things they don’t know or are not familiar with. Plato explained that some prisoners were living in …

Allegory Of The CavePlato
Words 1596
Pages 6
Personal Insight Paper

Through the StrengthsQuest progam Gallup has identified 34 themes that are the key to gaining direction in one’s life, building self confidence and finding success. This program helps to identify a person’s top five themes, which allows them to utilize their personal profile to benefit …

Words 1845
Pages 7
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What Does It Mean to Own Something

In the article, the prompt given, states that ownership and sense of self both have different meanings. The main question is “What does it mean to own something? ‘ Many argue that ownership is not much of a great thing, it can be of different …

Words 268
Pages 1
Summary of Plato’s Protagoras

Summary Protagoras In Plato’s dialogue “Protagoras” Socrates tells a companion his experience and interview with a man he deems fairer than Alcibiades. His name is then revealed to be Protagoras. Protagoras is described as a wise man because if one makes friends with him and …

Words 672
Pages 3
Aristotle as a Critic

Aristotle as a Critic Aristotle (384-322 B. C. E. ), the son of a physician, was the student of Plato from approximately 367 B. C. until his mentor’s death in 348/347. After carrying on philosophical and scientific investigations elsewhere in the Greek world and serving …

Words 1038
Pages 4
Thrasymachus’ Views on Justice

The position Thrasymachus takes on the definition of justice, as well as its importance in society, is one far differing from the opinions of the other interlocutors in the first book of Plato’s Republic. Embracing his role as a Sophist in Athenian society, Thrasymachus sets …

Words 923
Pages 4
Plato’s 4 Virtues

The Four Virtues of the Republic In the Republic, Plato sets up a framework to help us establish what the four virtues are, and their relationship between them to both the city and the soul. According to Plato, the four virtues are wisdom, courage, moderation, …

Words 1403
Pages 6
Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and Advertisements

Julian Figueroa (#30973127) 1 An Allegory of Advertisements How does Plato’s allegory influence the way we consume art today? Every minute of every day, millions of people are exposed to advertisements. They plague televisions, streets, radio waves, and all means of communication. These advertisements employ …

AllegoryAllegory Of The CaveARTCavePlato
Words 1882
Pages 7
My Experience with Technology

I have never really thought about how much I depend of technology. We got our first family computer when I was about 9 years old. At the time my brother was a computer geek (still is) and he would go buy the computer books that …

Words 313
Pages 2
Platonic Arguments for the Immortality of the Soul

When asked what the main objective of Plato’s Phaedo is, one would likely, confidently, claim that it is to prove the immortality of the soul. When asked if Plato is successful in doing so, one might not be so confident with their response. However, I …

Words 1598
Pages 6
Socrates vs Thrasymachus

Any argument relies upon some fundamental agreement about the issue being discussed. However great the divide in opinion may be, there must exist at least some similarity in the participants’ manner of viewing the issue if a solution is ever to be reached. Book One …

Words 1669
Pages 7
Allegory of the Cave V Pleasantville

The movie Pleasantville is very symbolic. It is a movie that could be interpreted a number of different ways. Most will agree, however, that the basic point of the movie concerns the subject of change. But we can also see the movie as a modern …

AllegoryAllegory Of The CaveCaveFirefighterPlato
Words 424
Pages 2
Structural Rationalism

In the advent of industrialization which is marked by the affordability and mass production of construction of materials like iron steel and glass, an architectural school of thought emerged known as structural rationalism which emphasized the important and distinctive role of structural efficiency in the …

Words 54
Pages 1
The Destructive Cross-Examination of Socrates

Socrates spent most of his life in Athens. During his life he witnessed the rise and glory of Athens and the rapid decline of Athens during the Peloponnesian war. Socrates met and talked with a variety of people such as politicians, statesmen, sophists, poets, architects, …

Words 2202
Pages 9
Plato’s Ideal City

The Ideal City In Plato’s book “Republic” he describes what he thinks would be an ideal city, for this city to be ideal it would have to be just. In his just city there are three classes of people; gold, silver, and bronze/iron; known as …

Words 985
Pages 4
Plato Book V Is Plato a Feminist

In book V of Plato’s republican Plato is very clearly a feminist although he does not hold women completely equal to men. In fact Plato states that the majority of women are inferior to all men, but not all women were inferior. Plato was indeed …

Words 619
Pages 3
Aristotle vs. Plato Essay

Born in Northern Greece. Aristotle’s male parent was a tribunal doctor to the male monarch of Macedon where Aristotle himself would be requested by King Philip II to tutor his boy Alexander ( who grew up to go “Alexander the Great” ) .Aristotle. one of …

Words 1288
Pages 5
Plato vs. Nietzsche

Johnny Lee Plato versus Nietzsche The central ideas that two great philosophers, Plato and Friedrich Nietzsche, talked about were the reality and appearance; and what they mainly focused on is where we as humans stand between these two. Of course, regarding the fact that Plato …

AllegoryEssay ExamplesMetaphorPlatoTruth
Words 1132
Pages 5
The Ideal And The Realty Of Classical Athens

The Ideal and the Realty of Classical Athens Discovering the Western Past Introduction: Athens during the fifth century B. C. Is often identified as one of the main sources of Western values and standards. Later Europeans and Americans regarded the Athenians as the originators of …

Words 2186
Pages 8
Plato compared to Machiavelli and Lao-Tzu

When it comes to different forms of government, people have been ruled by leaders, princes, and presidents. Certain philosophers such as Plato, Lao-Tzu, and Niccolo Machiavelli have proposed their views on how to show power. While Lao-Tzu and Plato had similar views compared to Machiavelli, …

Words 851
Pages 4
Analysis of Phaedo by Plato

Critical Analysis of “Phaedo” by Plato Much of the Phaedo by Plato is composed of arguments for the nature of the physical world and how it relates to the after life, for example, the way our senses perceive the world and how indulging in those …

Words 1306
Pages 5
Plato-Machiavelli Comparison

Danielle Butler October 16, 2011 English 101/ O. C #2-Machiavelli Though often presented as two ideological opposites, personally I find there to be a lot more similarities between Plato and Machiavelli than usually acknowledged. Obviously there are some sharp contrasts. If one examines the excerpts …

Words 583
Pages 3
Socrates as Eros

Esther Rodulfa PHL-1010H-LD01 09/18/12 Socrates as eros? Truly, love takes on many different forms. Love, for many centuries, has been given many different names. It also serves different functions. To distinguish a specific type of love, one of them is called eros. How love as …

Information TechnologyLovePlatoSocrates
Words 1770
Pages 7
Socrates Versus Nelson Mandela

Missing Works Cited As an Athenian philosopher, Socrates spent his life in constant pursuit of insight. He loved engaging in conversations that helped him derive philosophical views on a number of different issues. The birth of ideas through critical reasoning can be credited back to …

Nelson MandelaPlatoSocrates
Words 272
Pages 1
Socrates’ death

To begin with, we need to introduce Socrates. Socrates was and still regarded as one of the most influential philosophers. Socrates throughout his life showed a deep understanding of the human life, as well as an understanding of the world. He is considered one of …

Words 1079
Pages 4
Plato Republic Discussion Question

In platos republic, book VI, platos tells the story of Allegory of the cave. This story tells of what plato believes true education is. First plato tells what education is not. “Education isn’t what some people declare it to be, namly, putting knowledge into souls …

EpistemologyMetaphysicsPlatoPlato Republic
Words 297
Pages 2
Political thinkers

Shocked by the scenario of the political events, which according to him was not how a state would exist and far from the idealist principles which he had sought. He especially was taken aback with the execution of Socrates in 399 BCC and which prompted …

Words 5503
Pages 21
The Republic of Plato Essay

The Republic by Plato gives interesting and learned penetrations about justness. society. and authorities. Although written centuries back. I believe that Plato’s accounts and prescriptions are until now relevant in its philosophical statements. The construct of justness is in fact really basic and in its …

JusticeMetaphysicsPlatoPlato Republic
Words 724
Pages 3
The Trial and Death of Socrates: Linking the Symposium and the Apology

Philosophy, as it is conceived in its classical sense, means love or friendship for wisdom. Although the aforementioned conception is the most widely accepted, there is also another important conception of philosophy which springs from the Socratic-Platonic Dialogues itself; that philosophy is a certain kind …

Words 55
Pages 1
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Plato was a Greek philosopher born in Athens during the Classical period in Ancient Greece. He founded the Platonist school of thought and the Academy, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world.

Classical Athens


Athens , Greece


Ariston of Athens , Perictione


Glaucon, Adeimantus of Collytus, Potone, Antiphon


Influenced by: Socrates , Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Parmenides, Homer, Protagoras, Gorgias, Hesiod

Frequently asked questions

What is the main concept of Plato?
Plato is a philosopher who is most well-known for his theory of Forms. Plato believed that physical objects are only imperfect copies of perfect, eternal objects that he called Forms. He thought that knowledge was a matter of grasping the Forms without the interference of the material world.
Who is Plato in philosophy essay?
Plato was a Greek philosopher who is considered to be one of the most important figures in the development of Western philosophy. Plato was a student of Socrates and is best known for his dialogues, which are among the most influential works in the history of philosophy. Plato's dialogues are used to teach a wide range of topics, including ethics, politics, and metaphysics.
What are Plato's main points?
Plato was a Greek philosopher who is considered to be one of the most influential thinkers in the Western world. He was a student of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle. Plato founded the Academy, an educational institution in Athens where he taught philosophy and mathematics.Plato's philosophy is based on the idea of the Forms, which are eternal, perfect, and unchanging ideas that exist outside of the physical world. Plato believed that knowledge is a matter of grasping the Forms with the mind, and he argued that the physical world is an imperfect copy of the real, ideal world.Plato's most famous work is the Republic, in which he outlines his ideas about justice, morality, and the ideal society. Other important works include the Symposium, in which he discusses love, and the Timaeus, in which he explains his theory of the Forms.
What is self According to Plato essay?
In Plato's view, the self is an eternal, unchanging, perfect being that is the source of all knowledge and truth. This view is based on the belief that there is a realm of abstract, eternal ideas that are the basis of all reality. These ideas are accessed by the soul, which is immortal and immutable. The soul is the part of the self that is responsible for reason and thought, and it is this that allows us to access the realm of ideas. The body, on the other hand, is a material, changing, and imperfect part of reality that is subject to the whims of the soul.

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