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Born in Northern Greece. Aristotle’s male parent was a tribunal doctor to the male monarch of Macedon where Aristotle himself would be requested by King Philip II to tutor his boy Alexander ( who grew up to go “Alexander the Great” ) .

Aristotle. one of the most influential minds in doctrine including political theory is besides known as the legendary Greek philosopher. logician. scientist. and pupil of Plato. Aristotle studied in Plato’s Academy in Athens. Plato being the pupil of Socrates and besides known as the male parent of political theory helped educate and determine the head of immature Aristotle who so became known as the first political scientist.

It was the diverse ambiance in which Aristotle was raised. along with his instruction and so his many travels that gave him the deepness of being able to see and see the good and the mistakes in the universe. Aristotle saw doctrine within the physical universe. He believed that our truths came from physically interrupting down systems and analyzing them to understand them. He had experience with travelling and seeing different universe governments. Aristotle believed one had to interrupt things down through empirical observation and scientifically.

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Therefore deriving his rubric of political scientist who used scientific methods to analyse and reason his beliefs. ideas. and sentiments. Aristotle believed that one must believe critically and rationally utilizing inductive ground and an empiricist attack. Aristotle studied over 100 governments and analyzed which 1s were the strongest. how they functioned. and which best served the people. He concluded that the best type of authorities government was that of one with a strong in-between category to equilibrate the upper and lower categories to make the most stable and merely society.

He believed that this government would be a combination of facets from a civil order ( an elected authorities that has the bulk of the common people’s best involvement ) . nobility ( regulation by the rich but with the people’s involvement in head ) . and monarchy ( a individual swayer if there is the possible that that metropolis has a qualified swayer as such which Aristotle admits is rare and can easy turn into dictatorship ) .

Aristotle felt that most people did non hold adequate intelligence or power to manage running the authorities so it is best to set those in power who do. In his work. The Politics. Aristotle is explains that a metropolis is made up of many people. many persons who possess different positions and values.

It is the diverse group of the metropolis that makes it a metropolis. If a metropolis were to go more and more a unit so it would lose its singularity in sentiments and do up and get the better of the full definition of a metropolis. Aristotle believes that people are entitled to their ain ideas. sentiments. and ownership. He states in his work ( Politics. page 40-41 ) that is non in the nature of a metropolis to be a unit. Aristotle believes that metropoliss are made up different parts and different entities that work together as a whole.

They do non work as one but instead work together. Aristotle provinces that utmost fusion of a metropolis is non a good thing. Aristotle states that “The metropolis exists for the interest of a good life” . significance that a metropolis is at that place to map as an mercantile establishment to run into the demands of each of its citizens. Each citizen has his ain demand to be met. Aristotle realizes that what makes one individual happy may non do the other happy. “It is obvious that a metropolis which goes on going more and more of a unit will finally discontinue to be a metropolis at all. A metropolis. by its nature. is some kind of plurality” ( Aristotle. p. 39 ) .

Aristotle is reasoning that if a metropolis becomes more and more incorporate so merely one voice is heard and it will so miss the really alone constituents of different voices. maps. and positions that made it a metropolis in the first topographic point. Aristotle believed that a metropoliss intent was to heighten plurality. a diversified metropolis that comes together to map. Known as the first political philosopher. Plato saw all physical things to be illusional. to be “a shadow of reality” ( Simile of a Cave ) and he stated that worlds are falsely led by their senses. Because of this. harmonizing to Plato- merely a society lead by Philosophers is a merely society ( Republic 473-475 ) .

Plato believes that philosophers are the lone 1s to seek out absolute truth and justness and will hence be more educated and more inclined to do the best determinations for the group. At the same clip Plato thought that every individual had the possible to obtain ground. truth. and cognition by “stepping out of the cave and seeing the “light” . Plato believed that if people were educated decently so they would do good determinations. He believed people’s basic nature to be good. Whereas Aristotle tended to more of a realist and knew that some people did non hold it in them to “reason” or to “see the light” .

In his book. The Republic. Plato discusses his belief in making a metropolis like utopia where there are no categories and everyone portions everything including adult females. kids and belongings. Plato’s positions are a bit unrealistic because he seems to non take into consideration human nature. Worlds are of course competitory and with clip would go more individualistic. Plato would non hold with Aristotle’s transition that a metropolis that grows into a unit will finally discontinue to be a metropolis. Plato on the reverse would province that the more of a unit the metropolis becomes. the more of Utopia it will be with everyone in common idea and understanding. common ownership of land. animate beings. and adult females.

Plato’s ideal metropolis was that of a Utopian that would be governed by philosophers. He desired a perfect society with no jobs where people were happy. His society would dwell of three categories: swayers. aides and labourers. The swayers would be the philosopher male monarchs. would ever govern the province. The aides ( warriors ) would support the province and the labourers would be responsible for material production of goods needed by the province. Plato believed that the philosopher male monarchs should run the province being that they are the wisest and best possible campaigners.

Plato was wholly molded by his instructor Socrates. taking on all of his ideas and doctrines whereas Plato’s pupil Aristotle took on many of his ain decisions and ideas many times beliing Plato’s. Plato was more of a dreamer while Aristotle was more of a realist. Where Plato sought out the “Utopia ideal situation” . Aristotle sought out how to break the current state of affairs. Another difference about Aristotle and Plato’s attack is that Plato is more focussed on the flawlessness of the universe and how people come to cognize about this. While Aristotle focal points more on the observations in nature and he knows non everything in nature is perfect.

Aristotle. unlike Plato. was non focussed or concerned about the thought of a perfect society ; alternatively he wanted to better upon the 1 that he was portion of during his being. He believed that society should endeavor to use the best system it can achieve. He felt that Utopia was unrealistic and pointless. It would be best that society was at its highest possible and you can merely better upon the bing one. Therefore the integrity of a metropolis would decrease the individualism and different constituents that unambiguously make up a metropolis. therefore in the terminal the devastation of the really significance and map of what a metropolis ought to be.

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