Essays on Jhumpa Lahiri

Essays on Jhumpa Lahiri

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The Story Only Goodness by Jhumpa Lahiri

People usually have strong opinions and differences when it comes to problems that face intercultural marriages. Most of the people I know my brother, dad and some of my friend married from different culture and each one has a story to tell. However, some of …

Jhumpa LahiriMarriageReligion
Words 678
Pages 3
Jhumpa Lahiri’s the Namesake Speech

Claude Levi-Strauss once said ‘being human signifies, for each of us, belonging to a class, a society, a country, a continent and a civilization. ’ Belonging is a human desire of being accepted with people or places. In Jhumpa Lahiri’s story, The Namesake, the story …

Jhumpa Lahiri
Words 844
Pages 4
Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth: Summary

Hema and Kaushik had an affair they meet in Italy after having a two long decades. Hema, now a college professor, who is upset about her previous affair with a married man and plans to settle down by marrying someone she barely knows. Kaushik, a …

Jhumpa Lahiri
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The Collection of Stories Deals With the Everyday Lives of Indians Abroad

Interpreter of Maladies Good Evening, My name is Trisha Hariramani. A student of The Cathedral Vidya School Lonavala Batch IBDP1 doing my English SL in the A1 course shall be presenting my individual oral presentation on the Character of Mrs. Das in the short story …

Human NatureInterpreter of MaladiesJhumpa Lahiri
Words 1334
Pages 5
The Overcoat

Akaky Akakyevich is the central characterof Gogol’s story The Overcoat. Although Dostoyevsky gave common currency to the term “antihero” in Notes from Underground,it is Gogol’s Akaky Akakyevich who is the genuine, unmitigated, and seemingly unredeemable antihero. For Dostoyevsky’s anti-heroic paradoxalist, afflicted with hypertrophia of the …

CultureJhumpa LahiriPhilosophy
Words 3146
Pages 12
Belonging: An Individual’s Interaction with Others

Social interaction is an essential part of any relationship; it is the determining factor for one’s perceptions of the society around them and their own identity. Relationships are initially built upon mutual interests and acceptance and this is closely linked with one’s innate desire to …

CultureExperienceJhumpa Lahiri
Words 1077
Pages 4
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Nilanjana Sudeshna "Jhumpa" Lahiri is an American author known for her short stories, novels and essays in English, and recently, in Italian.

July 11, 1967 (age 54 years), London, United Kingdom


Alberto Vourvoulias (m. 2001)


Octavio Vourvoulias, Noor Lahiri Vourvoulias


Pulitzer Prize for Fiction , PEN/Hemingway Award , PEN/O. Henry Award , PEN/Malamud Award


Amar Lahiri, Tapati Lahiri


The Namesake, MTVU Stand In, Taobuk 2019


Movies and TV shows: The Namesake, MTVU Stand In, Taobuk 2019

Frequently asked questions

What is Jhumpa Lahiri style of writing?
Jhumpa Lahiri style of writing is often described as lyrical and beautiful. She has a knack for capturing the details of everyday life and the emotions that come with them. Her writing often has a nostalgic quality to it, as she often writes about the memories of her childhood and her experiences as an immigrant.
What language does Jhumpa Lahiri write in?
Jhumpa Lahiri writes in English. However, she is also proficient in Bengali and Hindi, which she often uses in her writing. Lahiri was born in London to Bengali parents and grew up in Rhode Island. She has said that her Bengali heritage is an important part of her identity, and that she often thinks and dreams in Bengali. While her novels and short stories are primarily in English, she has also published some work in Bengali.
What is interesting about Jhumpa Lahiri?
Jhumpa Lahiri is an interesting author because she writes about the experience of being a first generation Indian-American. Her novels and short stories explore the themes of identity, culture, and belonging. Lahiri was born in London, England to Indian parents and raised in Rhode Island, United States. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Barnard College and a Master of Arts degree from Boston University. Lahiri is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Interpreter of Maladies (1999) and The Namesake (2003).
Why is Jhumpa Lahiri writing in Italian?
Perhaps she feels a closer connection to her Italian heritage and wants to explore that side of her identity. Or maybe she feels more comfortable expressing herself in Italian than in English, which is her native language. It's also possible that she's simply trying to challenge herself by writing in a language that she's not as familiar with. Whatever the reason, it's clear that Lahiri is passionate about writing in Italian and is using it as a way to connect with her readers on a deeper level.

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