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Grades Encourage Students to Learn

GRADES ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO LEARN There are many ways to encourage students in school such as prizes, and compliments .In fact, by giving motivations and inspiration, grades are always the most important and highly effective methods in assessing students’studying archivement .First, grades give students motivations in studying.

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Some students might study better when they are appreciated by his teachers and classmates. Therefore , they try to be a role-model in class and make other student to attempt to be like them.

In addition, some campus student are motivated by rewards from school or even from their parents. They may give their children a good vacation or some money as a gift . Schools also reward good grades students with scholarships which are helpful in financial issue . Moreover, high grades are always an important purpose for student in their study. Grades are not only important in study but also ensure their future. Many companies choose people with high grades certificates.

In short , people’s appreciation, valuable reward and a good career are some reasons that give students purposes in studying . Another reason for encouraging students to learn is that grades inspire students in studying. In university, they play an important role in stimulating students’ passion for learning. Subjects with high grades will make students happier and more passionate so that they put a lot of effort in the search for innovative learning. In addition, the more grades you get, the more knowledge you have.

Good grades earned by the reasons that a learner has to study hard, does more research, consolidates his knowledge to achieve good grades. At the end, learners will have both knowledge and good grades. In short, grades make students learn with inspiration because of the passion and knowledge which come along with good grades. In conclusion , grades encourage students to study . This is because grades give students motivation and inspire them to learn. However,students should learn honestly, cheating does not help them and even brings troubles to them.

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