Police Misconception

Last Updated: 28 Jan 2021
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There are many popular misconceptions about police officers. One popular misconception is that they protect their own. What people don’t understand sometimes is that police officers are properly trained, they went to police training and the trainings main goal is to ensure that officers avoid taking unnecessary risks.

This means calling and waiting for back-up, and always having a partner when using direct confrontation, the way the media portrays police officers on television, in movies is like their jobs is always about protecting their own and that being a police officer is about power, when in reality police officers are trying to protect us from all the unnecessary violence and keep us safe just as much as themselves. The police officers are just like us going to work to do their responsibilities and returning home safely.

A lot of people don’t realize that some police officers put their lives out on the line for them when they do cases like for example catching a murder, rapist, burglar, and so forth, their lives are on the line just as much as ours, maybe more. Another popular misconception that is said daily about a police officer is that they’re racist. Police officers being racist are true but not every police officer is racist, some are not. Think about it, there is racism everywhere we go, in schools, churches, stores, clubs, jobs and so forth, you meet a lot of people who are racist, not only police officers.

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Racism is everywhere in the world, everyone should be aware of that. Lastly, another popular misconception is traffic enforcement. People say that police officers should be arresting criminals and getting them off the streets, not writing traffic tickets but what people don’t know is that traffic enforcement identifies criminals and results in their arrests. When police officers do their routine traffic stops that’s when they find drugs, weapons, contrabands, fugitives, in the vehicles which helps get the criminals off the street.

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